Genshin Impact: 10 Best Bows, Ranked

Genshin Impact may come off a simple game at first, but building a character is a lot more complicated than it lets on. There are several artifact sets to choose from, different item qualities, and tons of weapons up for grabs. What works for Tartaglia may not work for Fischl, and vice versa. In the case of bow users, players need to take into account both normal and elemental damage. Quick shots are fast, but they don’t have any elemental effects.

Charge shots are powerful elemental attacks, but they take longer to get off. In addition, the five-star bow users both have burst shots that work differently than the rest of the four-star characters. To help make playing a bit easier, below are the ten best bows and what they are primarily used for.

10 Compound Bow

The Compound Bow is the easiest to get a hold of on the list as it can be forged. It’s a bow that free to play players can easily access, and it doesn’t have bad stats either. The Compound Bow has a base stat of 41 with a 15% damage bonus to the amount of physical damage the character puts out.

In addition, the bow gives a 4% increase to attack, which can stack three times. Player speeds are also increased by 1.2% for six seconds with stacks. This effect doubles at bow level five.

9 Favonius Warbow

The Favonius Warbow is a common four-star pull and a reward for completing the Mondstadt questline. The bow also has a base attack of 41, but it has an energy recharge bonus of 13.3%. The bow gives the user a 60% chance to get an elemental orb if the player gets a critical hit; this ability can only be activated once every twelve seconds.

At level five, the chance of getting an elemental orb from critical hits jumps to 100% with a cooldown time of six seconds.

8 Royal Bow

The Royal Bow is also a bit easier to get than normal since it can be bought from Paimon’s Bargains for 24 masterless starglitter. The Royal Bow has a base attack of 42 with a 9% bump to attack power. Damaging an enemy gives an 8% bonus to critical chance that stacks up to five times.

The effect will go away after the critical hit, but at level five, the crit chance doubles to 16%.

7 The Viridescent Hunt

This bow is only available from buying the battle pass and reaching level 30. The Viridescent Hunt has a base attack of 42 with a critical hit rate of 6%. Its ability increases give the player a 50% chance of summoning a cyclone that deals 40% attack damage for four seconds. The cool downtime for this ability is 14 seconds.

At level five, the chance for creating the cyclone jumps up to 50% and deals 80% damage, with a cooldown of only ten seconds.

6 Blackcliff Warbow

The Blackcliff Warbow can also be obtained from Paimon’s Bargains for 24 masterless starglitter. The bow has a high base attack of 44 with a crit damage change of 8%. The bow gives the user a 12% damage boost for killing an opponent. The 12% can stack three times, but each individual kill only gives the user a 30-second buff.

Hitting level five doubles the stack percent to 24% without an increase in time or stacks.

5 Sacrificial Bow

The rest of the bows on the list, including the Sacrificial Bow, are all gacha pulls. The sacrificial bow has a base attack of 44 with an energy recharge of 6.7%. When the player uses an elemental shot, they have a 40% chance of their CD ending every thirty seconds.

At level five, the chance of reset jumps to 80%, and the cooldown timer falls to just 16 seconds.

4 Rust

Rust is a popular bow for pairing with DPS bow users like Tartaglia. Rust has a base attack of 42 with a 9% increase to attack. Its ability increases normal attack damage by 40% while reducing special damage by 10%. This effect is always active as long as the bow is being used.

At level 5, the damage increase is doubled to 80%, while the decrease stays at 10%.

3 The Stringless

The Stringless is great for elemental powerhouses like Ganyu. The bow has an attack of 42 with an elemental mastery of 36. As long as the bow is equipped to the character, their elemental and burst damage are bumped up by 24%, which can deal a substantial amount of damage.

When upgraded to level five, this bump is doubled to 48% damage.

2 Skyward Harp

This is a five-star bow that is perfect for those focusing on critical damage. It has a base attack of 48 and a crit rate of 4.8%. The special ability gives the player 20% increased critical damage, and attacks have a 60% chance of doing 125% AoE damage every four seconds.

At level five, the crit damage jumps to 40%; hits also now have a 100% chance to inflict 125% damage every two seconds.

1 Amo’s Bow

The Amo’s Bow is another five-star weapon that concentrates on damage. It has a base attack of 46 with a 10.8% attack increase. The bow increases attack damage by 12%. In addition, it also increases the damage of attacks by an additional 8% every 0.1 seconds and can stack up to five times.

When upgraded to level five, the attack percent is increased to 24%, and the damage increase is 16%

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