Genshin Impact: A Guide to Bennett’s Hangout Event

Genshin Impact has tons of interesting characters for players to meet and the game’s new hangout events give players a new way to get close to their favorites. Bennett is one of the first four characters to get the event, and his bad luck is at the center of the story. The player simply needs to unlock his event with two story keys and then head to see Katherine in Mondstadt.

They will be stopped by Bennett, who has been itching to hang out with them. There are two major paths that the player can follow, one taking place around Mondstadt and one sending the Traveler into a new domain with Bennett. Here’s how to navigate them in order to trigger all six endings.

Taste Tester Royce

When you meet Bennett, tell him that you will go on an adventure with him. He will then ask if you prepare food before going out, make sure to say you do. This will send you to get some ingredients for Bennett to cook. After he is done, you will head to the Temple of The Wolf to explore a special domain made for the event called the Deserted Ruins of Eya.

Once inside, Bennett’s bad luck will shut the exit, and you will find another adventurer named Royce is also trapped. After complaining about Bennett, he will ask him for the food he cooked. Tell Bennett that he cooked the meal and can do what he wants with it to get the Taste Tester Royce ending.

Ready to Make Sacrifices

This is similar to Taste Tester Royce. Tell Bennett you will adventure with him and that you cook food. This time when you go in the ruins and find Royce, tell Bennett that he doesn’t owe him anything when he requests food to prompt the Ready to Make Sacrifices ending.

No Wonder It’s a Top Class Commission

No Wonder It’s a Top Class Commission requires you to agree to go adventuring with Bennett. When he asks about cooking food, tell him you don’t usually cook food before setting out. You will head to the Temple of The Wolf and enter the special dungeon, where there will be two switches. Simply tell Bennett to go ahead to get this ending.

Fortunate Outcome

This plays out the same way as No Wonder It’s a Top Class Commission in the beginning. Tell Bennett you will go adventuring with him and say you don’t cook food. When you enter the ruin, tell him you can’t let him face danger alone. After pressing the switch, you can proceed to the next room, where a small puzzle lies.

To complete the puzzle, choose the switch with three torches, then one, and then finally the switch with two torches to get the Fortunate Outcome ending.

Fruitless Anticipation

For Fruitless Anticipation, tell Bennett you would like to do something else. When he asks what you want to do, tell him you want to hang out around town. This will prompt you to go shopping and get you the Fruitless Anticipation ending.

Hasty Farewell

For Hasty Farewell, tell Bennett you would like to do something else and that you want to take a walk in the wild. Here you will find five treasure chests, open them and then continue exploring with Bennett to get this ending.

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