Genshin Impact: Best Builds For Layla

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The introduction of the sleepy Akademiya student, Layla, in Genshin Impact made the player base relate to the game even more. Her tired personality also shows in her attack combination since she can only perform a set of three normal attacks before she has to take a breather.

Layla is a four-star sword-wielding character with a Cryo vision. She was first released in the second phase of the Version 3.2 update, and players can get her randomly on any of the banners in the game. The character has a unique skill set, making it quite tricky to build her efficiently.

Off-Field Support Layla Build

  • Weapons – Key of Khaj-Nisut, Freedom-Sworn
  • Artifact Sets – Tenacity of the Millelith, Retracing Bolide

With Layla's kit and the lack of synergistic swords in the game, there aren't a lot of good builds that she can work with. Thankfully, the off-field support build intended by her designers works perfectly if you have the right artifact set and weapons. Her shielding capabilities make this build quite amazing to use.

Both Layla's Elemental Skill and Burst allow her to have constant Cryo application on the enemies. The shards thrown by her skills target a single enemy randomly, so it's not that good against a hoard if you don't have the required team to get the stacks for her Elemental Skill quickly.

You'll largely want to farm Tenacity of the Millelith artifact set if you want to use Layla off-field without any other shielder or healer. Here are the effects this set gives you:

Artifact Set BonusEffects
Two-PieceIncreases Layla's HP by 20 percent. Her shield and Elemental Burst scale on HP, making this stat extremely useful.
Four-PieceWhen the Elemental Skill of the character using this set hits an opponent, the ATK and Shield Strength of all the party members are increased. This allows her shield to last much longer.

While this artifact set fits perfectly for this build, you can also use Retracing Bolide in a specific scenario. This artifact set gives you shield strength and extra Normal and Charged attack damage when you're guarded by a shield. Even though this is good for Layla itself, it becomes even stronger if you have her fourth constellation, mentioned below.

It can be quite annoying to farm the Retracing Bolide artifact set because you can also get Archaic Petra, which is quite useless unless you're building a Geo character. To avoid this, you can try to use the Strongbox method to use the five-star artifacts you don't need to get some Retracing Bolide.

As for the weapon, there are surprisingly no swords with HP Percent as the main stat apart from the Key of Khaj-Nisut, which is Nilou's signature weapon. If you have your hands on this weapon, you can use it on Layla to get a ton of HP for her shield and Elemental Mastery for herself and the party.

Elemental Mastery can also be decent on Layla because you'll be using her in a lot of reaction teams to apply Cryo off-field. Since this is a five-star weapon that is hard to acquire, you can try to go with Iron Sting as its four-star replacement. Although, you'll lose a lot of HP Percent with it.

Freedom-Sworn can also be a decent weapon in this build. Similar to Retracing Bolide, it can help you more if you have Layla's fourth constellation because of the buff this weapon gives to Normal, Charged, and Plunging attacks.

With this build, you'll be able to have a strong shield on her, and you'll also be able to deal damage with her Skill and Burst.

Main DPS Layla Build

  • Weapons – Primordial Jade Cutter, The Black Sword
  • Artifact Set – Emblem of Severed Fate

With the current choices of weapons and artifacts, it's quite hard to make the main DPS build for Layla. This is specifically because the damage dealt by the shards of her Elemental Skill is based on her ATK. Hoyoverse has an ongoing problem with split-scaling the characters who need DEF or HP.

This is somewhat understandable because it's easy to stack a bunch of DEF and HP on any character, but it reduces the potential of the character. Luckily, you can still attempt to build her on damage if you can have a good uptime on her Elemental Burst.

Layla's Elemental Burst is quite special because it lasts for the same amount of time as its cooldown. With enough Energy Recharge, you can have 100 percent uptime on this ability. This also works nicely because her Elemental Burst only costs 40 Energy to activate.

Emblem of Severed Fate is the perfect artifact set when you're aiming for an Energy Recharge build. Not only does it give you extra Recharge on the two-piece bonus, but it also increases your Elemental Burst damage based on your Energy Recharge if you have a four-piece. As with everything else, her fourth constellation will also make this build better.

Both Primordial Jade Cutter and The Black Sword are good weapons for the build. While Primordial works better because of its HP and ATK bonus, it's another five-star weapon that isn't easy to acquire.

Artifact Stat Priority For Layla

Artifact stats are always tricky no matter what character or build you're using. There are a bunch of stats you can get, and the decision-making can be rough especially when a split-scaling character is in question. Moreover, you need different stats based on the build you're using.

Here's what you'll be looking for when it comes to both the builds mentioned above:

Off-Field Build

Artifact TypeMain StatSub Stat
FlowerHP (guaranteed)HP Percent > Crit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge
FeatherATK (guaranteed)HP Percent > Crit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge
SandsHP PercentCrit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge
GobletCryo DMG BonusHP Percent > Crit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge > ATK Percent
CircletHP PercentCrit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge > ATK Percent

Main DPS Build

Artifact TypeMain StatSub Stat
FlowerHP (guaranteed)HP Percent > Crit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge
FeatherATK (guaranteed)HP Percent > Crit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge
SandsEnergy RechargeHP Percent > Crit Rate/DMG
GobletCryo DMG BonusHP Percent > Crit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge > ATK Percent
CircletHP PercentCrit Rate/DMG > Energy Recharge > ATK Percent

Talent Priority For Layla

Every character in Genshin Impact has three talents that can be upgraded up to level ten. These consist of their Normal attacks, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst. Since Layla is a supporting character, you need to focus on her Elemental Skill first to get better shield strength. If your shield isn't strong enough, you'll have to use another shielder or healer with her.

This is followed by her Elemental Burst since you get a ton of extra damage when you upgrade this talent. If you're using her as the main damage dealer, you can consider upgrading her Skill and Burst at the same time. Moreover, you only need to upgrade her Normal attack talent with this build.

Layla Constellations

Layla has six constellations that provide her a significant buff, and here's what they all do:

Constellation NumberConstellation NameEffect
1Fortress of FantasyIncreases the shield strength of her Elemental Skill by 20 percent. Moreover, the party members who aren't affected by the Skill also get a smaller shield. The second part is mostly useful during co-op.
2Light's RemitWhen the stars from Elemental Skill hit an opponent, they regenerate one Energy for Layla.
3Secrets of the NightIncreases the level of her Elemental Skill by three levels.
4Starry IlluminationWhen your Elemental Skill starts shooting the stars, the Normal and Charged ATK DMG of your party members are increased by five percent of Layla's Max HP.
5Stream of ConsciousnessIncreases the level of her Elemental Burst by three levels.
6Radiant SoulfireDecreases the creation time of stars in your Elemental Skill and increases the shard damage from the Elemental Skill and Burst by 40 percent.

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