Genshin Impact: Blazin’ Trail Quest Guide

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It's the third day within Golden Apple Archipelago and Paimon has woken you up yet again when you were having an amazing sleep. Unfortunately, you can't eat this Emergency Food….yet. The third main quest for the Summertime Odyssey event has arrived in Genshin Impact, and it has an intimidating name, which is Blazin' Trails.

In this one, we have another Mirage that takes us inside Xinyan's memory, and we are faced with a set of challenging puzzles that need to be beaten in order to finish the quest and know more about Xinyan. Once this quest is finished, you will unlock the third mini-event as well.

This guide will be as spoiler-free as possible.

How To Beat First Domain Puzzle

After talking to everyone, you'll be directed to an island North of the main island in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Upon reaching the required location, Xinyan will find a mechanic that looks like a drum, covered with tree branches. She will interact with this, and it will take you to the first domain puzzle in this quest.

Once you've finished the dialogue after entering the domain, you will find a similar drum on the right side of the platform you're on. Activate it and the two small platforms in front of you will start moving.

Jump on the first platform that comes near you, and it will take you to the main platform in front. Jump off as soon as you reach it to continue the puzzle. On this platform, you will see a melodic harp that fires a ray of light, which you need to direct towards the giant megaphone or anything blocked by a golden aura.

The first one here is pretty easy to solve. All you have to do is interact with the melodic bloom (small megaphone) that is on the left side of the big megaphone — this way, the small one looks towards the big one. Head back to the melodic harp and interact with it. A new set of wind currents will appear at the big megaphone that you can ride to the next platform.

Another dialogue scene will trigger when you walk towards the center of this platform. Once it ends, simply glide over to the platform that they show in the scene, and you will be introduced to another new puzzle based around Xinyan (music).

This is a platformer where you have to step on every single block before the final one to complete the string of notes. If you miss any of the blocks, the challenge will fail. The first and last platforms are highlighted with a blue aura and some middle ones have a yellow aura on top of them. These yellow ones are checkpoints, of sorts.

The block with a yellow aura also moves once you correctly step on it, and it takes you to the next part. Once you've finished this platform puzzle in a certain part, the melodic harp will light up, and you can use it. For this one, simply start on the one with the '&' symbol and keep following the path.

Once the harp lights up, use it to fire a ray of light on the chest and unlock it. Here, you'll find the key required to open the door on the other platform. After that, interact with the melodic bloom right beside the chest so that it faces the one near the big megaphone and fire another light. This will open a path to go back to the platform with the door.

Unlock the door and go inside it. Keep heading straight, and you will see a giant flower in front of you. Glide to it and a cutscene will trigger, and you'll be introduced to Blazing Heart. After the dialogue, you will be sent back out to Golden Apple Archipelago.

How To Obtain Glacial Water For Blazing Heart

After the dialogue, follow the massive blue vein under the ground into the island. After a while, you will see a rock blocking the vein. Simply destroy this by using basic attacks or skills for the vein to continue. Follow the vein further, and it will go inside an area that is blocked by a similar golden aura.

To remove this aura, all you need to do is interact with the bloom shown in the picture once and activate the harp. Once unlocked, head inside and destroy another rock to find a letter from someone familiar. After this dialogue ends, head back out and follow the path upwards by walking on the massive tree branch beside the rocks.

There will be a rocky path at the point where the vein suddenly turns around. Follow this up until you see a set of small branches that you can climb on; this is where the vein will suddenly shoot straight up. Keep following the path until you reach a tree branch blocking the vein.

To get rid of this branch, interact with the bloom close to it three times and then fire a light from the harp. Once you've done that, the pool will start filling, and you can obtain Glacial Water for Blazing Heart. Now, head back to the drum on the small island and interact with it to head to the second domain puzzle.

How To Solve Second Domain Puzzle

After talking to Blazing Heart, head over to the door that is inside the yellow area marked on the mini-map. Open the door, and you'll find yourself in another mirage, which resembles a mountain in Liyue. This is an easy area that has a lot of lore.

Simply follow the yellow markers and talk to all the shadows inside what looks like a door. After talking to three people at the same time, you will come to love Xinyan a lot more. Once this is done, activate the harp in front of the door and a new path will unlock.

In the new area, Xinyan will indulge in a long conversation with Little Fei. When this finishes, you can find both of his friends on either side of the dock. Talk to them and then talk to all three of them at once in the middle. Once this part ends, you'll be able to go to Xinyan's home and trigger another cutscene. After seeing a few familiar faces, you'll head back out to the Golden Apple Archipelago.

How To Clear The Water Veins

As soon as you exit the domain, Xinyan will ask you to clear the veins within the mountains. For the first one, head over to the location shown on the map above. Here, you'll find the water vein leading inside a cave that is blocked by a golden aura.

The special thing about this one is that it requires two hits consecutively to unlock. To do this, simply turn the bloom near the harp as shown in the picture, and activate the harp to unlock the cave. Upon entering, you will see another tree branch blocking the way.

To solve this, interact with the bloom that is at the beginning of the stairs once. Activate the same harp that you used to unlock the cave and the tree branch will be removed once the two lights reach it. Follow the vein similarly as before to the top of the mountain.

You will find another rock at the top that you need to destroy, and the pool will fill up, clearing this vein completely. Teleport back to the Teleport Waypoint near the drum to go to the next vein. Move directly right of this waypoint on the mini-map, and you'll see the next vein.

Follow the vein, and you'll stumble upon another tree branch blocking it near a Hilichurl camp. Defeat all the Hilichurls and interact with the bloom close to the tree branch and the one close to the harp once each. Activate the harp and the branch will disappear.

Follow the vein all the way to the top of the mountain through multiple rock structures and Hilichurl-made structures. At the top, you will see another rock blocking the vein, destroy it and the second vein will be filled as well.

Teleport back to the drum and you'll go back inside the domain after having a little dialogue. Here, after talking to Blazing Heart, interact with the harp to unlock another wind path. Follow this path to another platform, and you will see another drum on the right side, interact with it to form a bridge.

Across the bridge, you will find Frozen Soul, who will help you clear the rest of the veins. Head back to Golden Apple Archipelago after talking to this flower and plant it at the top of the mountain, as shown by the yellow mark on the map. After that, teleport back to the drum on the small island.

Follow the vein that is going towards the right from the position where you spawn after you teleport. After a bit, you will see another rock, destroy it and activate the wind wheel mechanism in front using Anemo. This will make a wind current that will take you to the top of the mountain directly.

Break the final rock to complete this vein and then teleport back to the middle and start following the vein on the left. This one will be blocked with a branch and a harp will be near it, but it won't be activated. You'll have to clear another platform puzzle for it to be turned on.

Once the harp is activated, interact with the big megaphone once and then activate the harp twice. This will get rid of the branch and make another wind path that will take you to the top of the mountain. Break the rock at the top, and once the pool is filled, head back to the drum, and you will go back to the domain.

The quest from this point on is filled with lore and is very straightforward. You'll be greeted with a very pleasant cutscene before finally meeting Fischl and preparing for the next day, which is where the quest ends.

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