Genshin Impact: Everything You Need to Know About The Windblume Festival

Genshin Impact 1.4 is all about the Windblume festival in its first half, and there is a lot of ground for players to cover. The festival is similar to Lantern Rite and is made up of a mixture of mini-games, quests, and story content. Unlike in Lantern Rite, there is a bigger focus on the characters of Mondstadt like Venti, Bennett, and Kaeya.

The festival is optimized for co-op gameplay, which can make things much easier, especially with the new festive domain Peculiar Wonderland. There’s no shortage of great prizes either, as the festival shop is stocked with everything from a new bow to talent leveling materials.

Getting Started

The festival is available to all players who have reached Adventure Rank 20. To begin, players will need to finish the quest “Ode to Flower and Cloud.” This quest takes place inside the city of Mondstadt and will lead the player to talk to various NPC’s around town before finding Venti below the statue of Barbatos.

Venti will enlist the player in a small mini-game of giving familiar NPCs love advice; whether the player answers wrongly or not, the quest will go through. Afterward, Kaeya will show up to challenge Venti’s teaching methods, and after a short bit of banter between the two, the festival will completely open up.

There are three more main Windblume story quests that will become available throughout the week:

  • March 22: Missive of Cloud and Fog
  • March 25: Realm of Fog and Wind
  • March 28: Dream of Fog and Flower

These will each pick up where the last left off, and Venti will be the main star of these quests.

Windblume Festival Mini-Games

There are a total of three Mario Party style mini-games that can be played around Mondstadt. To activate them, players will need to speak with Lizzie outside Mondstadt’s west gate three separate times. Each event has four parts that will be released along with the new Windblume story missions.

Every challenge has a set score that players will need to beat in order to earn rewards like primogems and mora. These scores can be seen before taking on the event, and playing the two co-op enabled games with a friend, makes the scores much easier to beat. Players will need to go to marked locations on the map to start both Bullseye Balloon and Floral Freefall.

Bullseye Balloon – Co-op Friendly

In Bullseye Balloon, players will be surrounded by balloons and need to hit them with their arrows to score points. There are four different types of balloons in the game:

  • Heart Balloons: Explode in an AoE
  • Flower Balloons: Grant a large number of points
  • Green Balloons: Grant a small number of points
  • Heartbreak Balloons: Subtract Points

Players will want to aim for balloons that can be stationary or moving across the map. Hitting heart balloons can help increase your score by popping surrounding balloons, but players should be wary of heart balloons that are placed near heartbreak balloons. The balloons on the field will change rather fast, and players should make circles around the field to ensure they are scoring the most points.

There are a few other things that players should be wary of. Before starting the match, ensure that you have a bow character like Amber out as you won’t be able to switch again until the game has begun. Players should also note that balloons that are far away are harder to hit due to the curve of arrows.

Floral Freefall – Co-op Friendly

Floral Freefall is a pretty simple game; players jump from a platform suspended high in the air and collect greens orbs to up their score. Flowers will also be present, which are worth a huge amount of points, but players need to watch out for mud balls that will cloud their screen.

There is no way to get all the balls, and players only need to concentrate on landing inside the flower wreath and obtaining as many orbs and flowers as possible when falling. A mix of using and unequipping the glider is a great way to control your character while playing the event. Just be aware that letting them fall from a great distance to the ground will kill them after the event awards you with points.

Ballad of Breeze

Ballad of Breeze is the only single-player game. This a rhythm game that perfectly follows the beat of in-game music. Players will need to time their button presses with the song, and as they complete each difficulty, a harder one will unlock. Each song has three difficulties: normal, hard, and pro.

To start this event, the player simply needs to pick the mini-game from the Windblume menu. Be cautioned, though; this should not be done in areas with a lot of green as it makes the rhythm circles much harder to see.

Peculiar Wonderland

Peculiar Wonderland is a co-op-friendly domain with a unique spin. Players will need to complete three mini-games where they gather flowers to activate battle bonuses. These bonuses up the player’s attack, speed, crit rate, and defense but are randomly chosen. The games players are randomly selected and are as follows:

  • Dodging Bubbles – Move your way up a path, gathering flowers while dodging hydro bubbles.
  • Memorizing an Invisible Path – Memorize the path before it vanishes to make it to the other side.
  • Falling Blocks – Gather flowers while ensuring you aren’t on the floor tiles that collapse.
  • Flower Catch – Catch falling flowers while dodging the red explosive ones.
  • Barrage – Dodge attacks that are sent out by the center monolith

Gaining enough flowers will unlock all three buffs. After the events, the player will be sent to fight a boss like the Pyro Regisvine. While the fight seems similar, players need to keep moving even while the boss is stunned to dodge elemental attacks.

To gain rewards, players will need to complete the challenges for the event. These are made much easier in co-op, especially when trying got beat some of the timed challenges.

Festive Anecdotes

These are small quests that the NPCs of Mondstadt will give out to the player, and more will be released as new Windblume story quests are released.

The quests are simple, like cleaning off rooftops, and give 20 primogems a piece.

Event Rewards

There are a ton of rewards that can be gathered from the events. Along with the experience books, level-up talents, and weapon leveling items normally present, there are some special prizes made just for the Windblume Festival.

  • Windblume Ode Bow
  • The Visible Winds: Windblume Ode Refinement Material
  • Windsong Lyre
  • Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon

Players should also keep in mind that completing Windblume challenges helps level-up the battle pass for this update.

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