Genshin Impact: How To Unlock The Three Precious Chests In Broken Isle

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Hoyoverse baited us all by making us think that there's hardly any exploration on the Summer Islands in Version 2.8 of Genshin Impact. But, you unlock more and more exploration areas as you progress in the main Summer Odyssey quest, and deal with the mirages of the characters involved. In the end, there's a little surprise for everyone as well.

There's a certain puzzle on Broken Isle that gives you three Precious Chests upon solving it. This puzzle can be found after you've done the Blazin' Trail quest where you deal with Xinyan's mirage and come to know much more about the character.

How To Find The Precious Chests

Once you've finished the required quest, a new function will unlock that lets you change the shape of the Broken Isle.

To do this, head to the drum in the middle that you used to enter Xinyan's mirage. Here, you need to click on Change Mountain Style if the mountain on the back right side is tall.

This will make the mountain short. Doing this will also unlock a new cave entrance on the northern side of the mountain. Head inside this cave, and you'll be greeted with a Pyro puzzle. Light the four Pyro torches around the pillar and then activate the pillar to drain the water halfway.

Once this is done, head deeper into the cave and you will see another Pyro pillar across the pool. The first torch for this puzzle is in the middle of the pool on the left side. The second one is near the puzzle and the third one is on the left side of the staircase leading up to a door.

For the fourth torch, head through the door and you will find yourself in a familiar place. Here, light up the torch and make sure you open the cage in front using the switch.

Now, head back through the door and you will see that a new area is opened. Here, you need to solve a harp puzzle to unlock three Precious Chests.

How To Unlock The Precious Chests

Even though you can look at the Precious Chests across a golden barrier and drool over them, there's still a long way to acquire them. The first thing you will notice is that a branch is blocking the way of the melodic bloom and even if you fix the puzzle, it won't work.

To get rid of the branch, teleport back to the drum in this area and interact with it to make the mountain taller again. Now, the cave will close, but you have another way to get in, which is through the cage you opened earlier.

To get to it, head back inside the island and go to the cave where you found the letter from Albedo during the Blazin' Trail quest.

Head back inside the door, and you'll notice that the branch is gone. Now you just need to solve the puzzle.

To do this, go ahead and turn the melodic bloom right in front of the harp towards the Common Chest in the middle. Activate the harp to unlock the chest first and then activate it again, so the melody from the harp reaches the barrier.

In case your melody doesn't reach its location, there's another bloom that can be adjusted for its elevation. Interact with that, and then activate the harp again. Once you're done, you can reap your rewards and feast on the three Precious Chests.

Once you open these chests, you'll acquire a blueprint for Allegro Bloom: Special Tuning.

This is a huge megaphone that can be placed in your Serenitea Pot for having a nice wind current effect. It can be built with eight White Iron Chunks and eight Fabrics.

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