Genshin Impact: Pro Tips For Playing As Tartaglia

Genshin Impact is full of five-star heroes, some of which are good for DPS and some which are powerful supporters. It’s not surprising that a Fatui Harbinger falls into the DPS category, especially since Tartaglia is an in-game boss as well. While he doesn’t have the ability to use his electro delusion, Tartaglia’s hydro powers are great for cutting down your enemies.

Tartaglia is the first character in the game to also have two separate fighting styles. Thanks to his strange build, though, it may take a bit more strategizing to make the most out of the harbinger’s unique playstyle.

Dual Wielding

Tartaglia is without a doubt a character that is made to deal heavy damage to foes. His passive ability increases the party’s attack by 10%, and his double kit set-up allows him to easily switch between ranged attacks to close range with the press of a button. Many players will flock to his close-range stance, as his primary weapon, the bow, doesn’t seem as effective when in a battle.

To use Tartaglia’s bow form to the fullest extent, players will need to use his charged shots responsibly. Upon landing the first charge shot on the enemies, the riptide effect is applied to them. Hitting the enemy with another hydro arrow will then deal .07 seconds of hydro damage in a small AoE, perfect for hitting close groups of opponents. As long as the player continuously uses a charge shot, the riptide effect will not fall off of the opponent.

In addition, Tartaglia’s ranged burst is arguably much better than his close-ranged burst. The ranged burst drops an arrow barrage onto opponents in a small AoE circle in front of Tartaglia. More often than not, it’s better to prematurely switch back to ranged form just to use this burst instead of Riptide Blast. In addition, riptide does stack for extra damage with the bursts.

Players who wish to play Tartaglia should use an artifact set that is able to help balance his two different attack styles.

Raging Tide

The Raging Tide form is incredibly useful when long-ranged attacks just aren’t working. Whereas ranged works with Ruin Guards, close-quarters combat is best for taking down hilichurls and pesky pyro abyss mages quickly. Before switching to this stance, try to hit as many enemies as possible with a charged shot in order to inflict raging tide. This will allow you to deal additional AoE damage to surrounding enemies, which can help Tartaglia better control a multi-enemy battlefield.

There is a charged attack that can be used by holding in the attack button. However, many players find it much easier to strike normally, only mixing in the charged attacks for final blows when needed. This is also the form that will work best with support characters like Fischl, who will deal constant elemental damage to enemies. This ensures that Tartaglia can quickly hit enemies with hydro attacks and deal massive reaction damage.

The ultimate for the Raging Tide form summons a spear for Tartaglia to slash the air in front of himself, dealing hydro damage in a small AoE. This attack can deal a decent amount of damage but is best for pursuing enemies back or finishing off a group that has low health.

Players that are using the close-range form will need to keep a closer watch on Tartaglia’s health. While he isn’t considered to be a glass cannon, he can find himself quickly whittled down when fighting larger enemies. Qiqi is a great way to ensure that Tartglia is always topped off while providing him a way to literally stop enemies in their tracks.

Building a Team

Tartaglia isn’t designed to be a support character in any way, meaning that a team will need to be built around him. There are several different ways for this to play out depending on the situation, enemies, and the player’s reaction preference. Here are the best characters to use with Tartaglia:

  • Qiqi – Her elemental skill summons a circling orb to deal cryo damage and heal the on-field character; this is best for close-ranged combat.
  • Fischl – Fischl can summon Oz to deal constant electro damage to enemies.
  • Xiangling – Both Xianglings burst, and elemental skill can deal constant pyro damage to enemies. Her skill is best for Targlia’s ranged form, while her burst is great for close-range.
  • Kaeya – Kaeya’s burst summons ice swords that circle the character and deal close range cryo damage.
  • Beidou – Her burst summons eels to deal close-range electro damage.
  • Lisa – Lisa’s burst summons a lantern to deal AoE electro damage.
  • Ganyu – Ganyu is perfect for both close and long-ranged attacks. Her skill summons a lotus to gather enemies while her burst creates a huge AoE field where icicles fall to deal cryo damage to enemies inside.

Tartaglia will do best with a mix of all three elements he reacts with: cryo, pyro, and electro. This also allows you to build a team that can support him with both of his forms, making Tartaglia a well-rounded character. Keep in mind that with cryo, the reaction is a freezing effect that keeps the enemy from moving for a short amount of time and won’t deal damage like electro and pyro reactions.

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