Genshin Impact Super Conduct Explained

From the jump, Genshin Impact makes it clear how important the elements are to not only the story, but the gameplay as well. Your first task is to gain the Anemo, or wind, element, and every party member you get has their own elemental affinity. Where things get interesting is in how you can use these elements in conjunction with one another for maximum effect. You’re encouraged to experiment in combining different elements together in various ways, but some like Super Conduct are not as intuitive to figure out. Here’s how this super powered reaction works.

Super Conduct Explained In Genshin Impact

Super Conduct is an Elemental Reaction that combines the Electro (lighting) and Cryo (Frost) elements together. This can be achieved by inflicting the Electro state on an enemy and then inflicting a Cryo attack, or vice versa. When the reaction is made, the enemy will trigger an explosion that deals an AoE of Cryo damage, plus a defense debuff of 50% to nearby enemies for approximately eight or nine seconds.

The damage will only spread to other enemies that have already been hit by Cryo or Electro elements, which you can tell by the respective icons over their heads. However, all enemies will suffer the lowered defense.

Super Conduct Damage

The amount of damage Super Conduct does has nothing to do with the enemy’s level, stats, or even buffs. Whoever is casting Cryo or Electro spells, the damage output depends on their character level and elemental mastery.

Another factor in how much damage Super Conduct will do is related to how many enemies are in its AoE. If you only have a single target, Super Conduct will simply hit that enemy once. But, if there are two enemies in range they will each take two hits, and if there are five then each will take five hits. In short, the more enemies you can chain together, the more powerful Super Conduct becomes.

Finally, the defense debuff will remain static at around 50% regardless of your character or the mob’s level. That means it will scale to whatever enemy you hit it with. Give Super Conduct a try on a tough swarm of enemies or boss and feel the power surge through you.

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