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As if everyone’s collective Epic Games backlog wasn’t getting big enough this holiday season: the giveaway event continues today with Night in the Woods, an adventure game from Infinite Fall all about uncovering something mysterious in the forest.

Like some of the other entries into Epic’s giveaway, Night in the Woods started out as a Kickstarter project, so it’s a community-backed title, one that seemingly lived up to its expectations as it is held in high regard by fans and critics alike.

On top of that, it’s yet another free title that has a follow-up underway, although Infinite Fall’s next work isn’t Night in the Woods 2. However, they have teased an eerie upcoming game with a similar art style.

You might not beat Night in the Woods before the next Epic Games Store title giveaway rolls out, which, by the way, should be Stranded Deep, but it only takes 10 hours to get through on average, so it definitely falls under the short-but-sweet umbrella.

You play as Margaret Borowski or, for short, Mae, a 20-year-old cat person who seems to have escaped from Elsweyr and fallen into a 2D land. However, the way the game plays isn’t exactly traditional, as it’s a series of short stories rather than a large overarching narrative that takes you from A to B with pitstops in-between.

However, if Epic Games’ Store isn’t your thing, then the game is currently available on Steam at a 40% price drop. It’s a heavy title, dealing with some very serious topics such as loss, bipolar disorder, and disassociation, so be warned if any of that is too close to home or too much to handle. For those who decide to delve in, there’re four parts to explore and enjoy, and supporting startup indie devs with passion is always a plus.

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