Ghost Giving Soap The Side-Eye In Modern Warfare 2 Is Getting Memed

Call Of Duty games aren't typically known for their character-building and relationships. Modern Warfare 2 has broken that mold through Soap and Ghost, and if you have so much as opened TikTok at any point over the past few days, you will have seen Ghost giving Soap the side-eye.

The clip has been lifted from the latest installment in the Call of Duty series, taken from a moment where Simon 'Ghost' Riley is shooting John 'Soap' Mactavish a rather charged glance. More on that in a second. Whether seen by players while playing the campaign for themselves, or Major Alex's compilation of Soap and Ghost's best moments together in Modern Warfare 2 which has been viewed almost half a million times, people have been having fun with it.

Since TikTok videos aren't 30 minutes long, some of the clips in which Ghost's sid-eye has been used have generated a lot more than half a million views. The montage below shows just a few of the ways TikTok users have been using the clip, demonstrating how they'd react to being in a car that has just run a bunch of red lights, to your friend asking you to hear them out before proceeding to describe something truly horrific.

Now, that promised background on what exactly is going on between Soap and Ghost. Despite the aforementioned lack of character work in Call of Duty games, Soap and Ghost have been a staple of the series' Modern Warfare branch for over a decade. People will grow close over that period of time. So close that a lot of players are now convinced the elite soldiers are a lowkey couple. Have fun telling the next person who hurls abuse at you while playing the game online that one in as much detail as possible.

As for the wider Modern Warfare 2 picture, the newest Call of Duty game is off to quite the start. Activision revealed it generated $1 billion in its first ten days, a series record. Behind the scenes, Activision Blizzard remains under investigation for allegedly harboring a toxic work culture, getting hit with another sexual harassment case in October.

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