GigaBash – How To Play As Gorogong

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GigaBash is developer Passion Republic Games’ take on the arena brawler genre and sees players assuming the role of giant Haiku and legendary heroes as they duke it out against arenas ranging from the center of a bustling metropolitan city to a tribal village to a training gym.

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While GigaBash’s roster of characters isn’t as big as MultiVersus or Smash Bros, they certainly have decent variety amongst them. Gorogong is one of the first characters that players will most likely try out, and this guide will cover everything you need to know about making the best use of this character.

Gorgogong – List of Moves

Gorogong is a close-range fighter and uses its heavy fists to its advantage. The normal attack is a simple punch that can be charged with a long press of the same button which unleashes a stronger variant of the same move. Gorogong will furiously punch the opponent with both of its fists which will knock back the enemy, and deal massive amounts of damage.

When performed in the air, Gorogong will slam the ground with both of his fists which sends the opponent flying through the air. Switching over to its specials, the light special is a quick ground slam that will send the opponent flying in the air which is very similar to the light air attack. Upon pressing the special attack whilst in the air, Gorogong will leap even higher and unleash a devastating slam to the ground.

An important point to note here is that Gorogong will first leap a fair distance in front before executing the attack in both variations, and since there’s no way to control the trajectory of the jump – you should keep some distance between yourself and the opponent to stand a chance at hitting them.

A long press of the special attack is a much easier move to execute in comparison, as Gorogong slams the ground while being stationary which deals more damage than the lighter version, of course.

The light block attack sees Gorogong swirling around in a circle, and hitting everyone in that close range with its fists. The special block is an upward jab that sends both Gorogong and its opponent into the air, opening the opportunity for a follow-up attack.

Gorogong’s dash attack turns the Haiku into a ball that rolls for a short distance, and anyone coming in contact when rolling gets knocked back. Lastly, there are the grab attacks. The light variation is the assortment of simple punches, while the heavy variation entails rushing for a short distance before knocking back the opponent.

Only when the opponent gets slammed into an environmental object will the attack deal damage, else only a knockback effect is triggered.

Of course, Gorogong can also turn into an S-class Titan when it has accumulated enough Giga Energy. During this phase, it deals additional damage with every hit and takes less of it when hit – but the moves themselves remain the same.

How To Win As Gorogong – Best Strategies

As mentioned before, Gorogong is a close ranged fighter that excels in pummeling down its opponents with its giant fists. A good strategy is to always keep as little distance as possible between the enemy and yourself which might not always be possible – so it’s vital that you nail blocking attacks and dashing through projectiles to ensure you are always near your enemy.

The light punches are a great way to start a combo, and you can chain a couple of those with a heavy defensive attack or a light air attack to cause knockback to your opponent. You might be better off using air light for a slam than the special for a quick slam since the former is easier to land than the latter.

Since Gorogong specializes in close-range brawls, grappling your opponents is also a great move that shouldn’t be overlooked. Try to slam your opponent into environmental objects during the start of the match, since that will be the time when buildings and other objects will be plentiful.

Gorogong’s moves are pretty easy to understand and execute, which makes it the perfect fighter for beginners. Pairing this fighter with a ranged specialist like Pipijuras should make for a great team combination, allowing you to take on most kinds of challenges with relative ease.

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