Gloomhaven Digital Adds More Unlockable Characters And… Sewers In Latest Update

The early-access Gloomhaven, a board-game adaptation in the form of a top-down tactical RPG, from Asmodee Digital, has just received a trailer for its brand new sewer-oriented update. The game is currently 32% off on Steam, and the update is completely free of charge.

There are 4 brand new enemies, 2 new mercenaries – the Beast Tyrant and Nightshroud, – new biomes and variants, and plenty of bug-fixes and quality of life additions. The two new mercenaries have some interesting gameplay with the Beast Tyrant being a Vermling that has a gigantic bear for a companion, meaning you have two health bars, whilst Nightshroud is both a melee character who emphasizes stealth and the first Aesther.

The new enemies that you’ll find crawling around the sewers are as follows; a green pile of goo; a small four-legged monstrosity that’s mouth makes up most of its head, with gnarly teeth gashing out; a gigantic Dreugh-looking creature, and a nice Lovecraftian collection of spikes with an Eye of Mordor on top.

Naturally, with the sewers spawning their own enemies and being a place to explore, they come alongside 7 story missions, 4 relic missions, and 7 journey missions that can be acquired at the town crier.

This is topped off with changes to YML that make it easier to mod the game, although this has invalidated all existing mods barring language ones, so it’s best not to update if you can’t live without your mod-list. Nonetheless, plenty of support is underway for the community going forward.

Multiplayer has also been improved with a new ping system that can be used by double-clicking on a hexagon. This should make co-op a little more intuitive and user-friendly, at the least. With the game in early access, there’s plenty underway, and the devs have a roadmap detailing just what they have planned for next year.

In the first two quarters of 2021, they plan to have 2 new mercenaries, brand new guild master missions, a new boss, and 2 new items. Following that, they aim to have a full release of the game, leaping out of early access. You can get Gloomhaven on steam right now for 31% off and delve into the sewers to pet some cute little rats, or fight off some horrifying abominations: your call.

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