God Of War Fans Are Choosing Between The Leviathan And The Blades Of Chaos

God of War fans are debating which of Kratos' two primary weapons in the Norse saga is better – the more recent but beloved Leviathan Axe or the classic Blades of Chaos.

As you'd expect from a God of War, Kratos has wielded a great number of weapons in his blood-soaked journeys, ranging from bows to massive lion-shaped gauntlets. Out of all the weapons he's wielded, two of them are considered his primary ones – the Blades of Chaos and the Leviathan Axe.

When there's a choice of any two things, there is always going to be debate and that's exactly what's happening over at the God of War subreddit, thanks to a popular thread started by Redditor MonsuTheMonsuta, which simply asks fans to choose between one weapon or the other.

If the vote is being decided based on the most upvoted comments, then so far it seems that the Blades of Chaos are coming out ahead of the Leviathan. One of the highest-rated comments from Redditor KingPhats_24 has 723 upvotes at the time of writing, and reads, "Im more comfortable with the chaos blades. They're so fast and the damage is?".

Just below that comment at 643 likes is a vote for the Leviathan Axe from Redditor BigGreenballOfLuck that uses Kratos' own words to argue their case "I too like the axe". It seems that, despite being our protagonist's favourite weapon, it's still fallen just short of the Blades of Chaos. You can't beat the original, it seems.

If, like me, you're wondering what the Draupnir Spear ever did to get kicked out of this little debate, don't worry as several other Redditors were quick to point out its exclusion. In fact, the most upvoted comment on the whole thread is one pointing out that the Draupnir Spear wasn't including which, as a fan of the weapon myself, I'm counting as points in its favour and declaring it the overall winner.

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