God of War Ragnarok Allows You To Save During Boss Fights

We are just a few days away from the release of God of War Ragnarok and as we inch towards the day, more information on what players can expect from this next installment is being revealed. For instance, some of the game’s accessibility features have been confirmed and one of them is particularly interesting. It allows players to save their game smack dab in the middle of a boss fight.

According to the folks over at GameRant, Santa Monica Studio has added the option of creating a checkpoint in the middle of the game’s boss battles. This means if you do well in the beginning half of the fight, but falter in the final moments, you do not have to keep replaying that first half. Instead, you can take a breather and come into the second half reinvigorated to whoop some Norse butt. Boy, do I wish I had this during those Valkyrie battles in the first game.

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There will be those who feel this is cheating or lessens the victory of defeating a tough foe, but who cares about them? To be clear, this is an optional feature that is not turned on by default. You would have to actively turn it on before playing through the game to make use of it. Plus, sometimes harder does not always mean better. Sometimes, you just want to play a game for the story and not face the same boss 52 times before being able to progress.

This new saving option is just one of over 70 accessibility features that Ragnarok will offer. The sequel takes notes from the PC release of the first title and adds things like auto-sprint, persistent reticle, puzzle hints, and a plethora of caption and color options. Plus, you can completely remap your controller to make Ragnarok an easy and fun experience.

Meanwhile, perhaps some of us would hope such a feature as a mid-boss checkpoint save could be added to other games. Elden Ring, anyone?

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