God of War Ragnarok gets massive half-price discount for PS5 but there’s a catch

One of the hottest PS5 games ever released is currently on sale for a bargain—if you're not in the UK, that is.

Released in November 2022, God of War: Ragnarok is usually sold for an eye-watering £69.99, which is enough to put anyone off buying it full price.

Luckily, the discount game wizards at CDKeys are currently flogging a downloadable US edition of the game at a huge 45% discount.

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You can pick up the critically-acclaimed game for just £38.39 right now.

Once you've paid up, you'll get a digital code that you can redeem on the Playstation Store on your console before initiating a download.

God of War: Ragnarok is widely considered to be one of the best PS5 games released so far.

This blockbuster title from Santa Monica Studios is a Playstation exclusive and follows up from 2018's beloved reboot of God of War.

It follows the story of Kratos and his son Atreus as they prepare for a prophesised battle that will ensure the end of the world.

The action takes place in a world inspired by Norse myth and features some of the best storytelling that Playstation has to offer.

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The graphics are also jawdropping, breathing life into the Nine Realms that Kratos must explore.

Our reviewer said it deserves a place alongside other Playstation greats including The Last Of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, and Marvel's Spider-Man.

Playstation exclusives tend to get cheaper and cheaper as time goes on, but the 45% discount offer by CDKeys is almost unheard of this early in the game's release cycle.

If you aren't in the US or haven't played the first game in the rebooted franchise, the UK Playstation store is currently selling God of War for £15.99.


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