God Of War Ragnarok, Jarnsmida Pitmines Walkthrough

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A good portion of God of War Ragnarok's beginning is focused on reaching the Jarnsmida Pitmines. We've paddled through the Aurvangar Wetlands, moved passed the great dwarven city of Nidavellir, and traveled over The Forge mountain. And it was all to reach these mines.

The Jarnsmida Pitmines are unquestionably massive. Not only are they filled to the brim with some nasty baddies, but they are also loaded with valuables. However, as large as they may be, we are still committed to our goal of leading you to all the treasures that they contain. Just strap in, as it is likely to be a bumpy ride—especially once we get to that Draugr Hole.

Jarnsmida Pitmines

After you enter into the mines. You are going to hop down, take a left, and destroy the green stones with one of Atreus’ sonic arrows. Grab the Hacksilver. Now, head for the giant water wheel. There is water pouring out of a trough and onto it. Aim your axe for the end of the trough itself. This will cause a frozen barricade, stopping the water cold.

Once you hop across, you will see a Nornir chest. You will need to light the braziers that correspond with each letter. The first rune is to the left of the chest. Light that one, then hop down to the level below. There is a chest on your left; open it to get some Rawhide. You will see another rune sitting under the water wheel; ignore it for now. Retrieve your axe (if you haven’t already), and cross the gap under the large object you previously lowered by freezing the water wheel. You will see the second rune sitting across the gap.

Once you get to it, ignite the brazier and read the Lore Text on the nearby wall. Head back across the gap, freeze the waterwheel, and ignite that brazier sitting under it. Presto, the chest will be unlocked! Open it and claim the Horn Of Blood Mead.

Continue along the main path and help Atreus climb up; look for a piece of wood leaning up against the wall with white paint on it, this is where you will boost Atreus from. Get Atreus to turn the wheel, which will cause the platform across from you to lower and raise; then freeze the gear when the platform is flat. Jump across that gap, and the one that follows it as well. Now, use your Blades of Chaos to grab the structure holding the trough to your right, and then yank it to raise the other large stone.

Next, hop down, freeze the water in the trough, jump onto the stone platform, unfreeze the water, and hop over to the gate. Lift the gate and move into the next area. You can hop over to the right, and there is a water trough that looks suspiciously movable, but don’t worry about any of that right now. Push on, shove the cart to the side, and talk to Sindri. He’ll give you some lights to help ward off the darkness.

Next, fight some Grims, and once you are done with them, hook around and head back to where you came from, but on the opposite side. There is a Hacksilver chest here. Ignite the exploding cask, destroying the rubble. Grab the movable water trough with your Blades of Chaos and yank it: this will cause the giant crane to swivel around with a huge stone. Get on top of the stone, and freeze the water from the trough; you will now be swiveling around with the stone. Now, hop across the gap once you stop moving. You will get another Kvasir Poem up here as well as a legendary chest that holds an upgrade for your Blades of Chaos.

Next, slide down the nearby rope, meet back up with Atreus, and head into the mines. Cut down the bucket hanging from the ceiling to get a Shattered Rune.Hop down into the mine, kill some Wretches, and then take out the green stones with Atreus’ arrows. Now head into the cave with the low ceiling. You will enter into a chamber and be greeted by the Bergsra Mother. This giant creature has nothing but unblockable attacks.

However, it is also slow, telegraphs all those attacks, and outside its acid spit, the range of its attacks is very poor. So, what you want to do is just hammer it with your weapons (switching to get the added damage bonus for opposite elements) and roll away every time that red circle appears around it. You will want to be using your Blades of Chaos more often than not, as it will hit the Wretches as you focus on killing the Bergsra Mother. Once you clear out the chamber, get on the boat and enjoy your trip down the canal. You will now enter into The Applecore.

The Applecore

Talk to Sindri; then follow the path. You will find a green, shimmering metal thing on a wooden wall: shoot it with a sonic arrow. This will open up a small room with some Lore Text on the wall. You will see a trough with running water flowing through it. First fire an arrow at the obstruction, then freeze the section of the trough after the waterwheel section, making the water overflow. This will cause the wheel to move. Now, pull the sunken crane up, and you will be able to grapple to the other side of the room.

Enter the door, grab the red chest, and crawl through the narrow gap in the wall and into the narrow tunnel. You will end up on a bridge. You will fight a few baddies, then take a left and break down the wall made with planks. There is a Lore Marker here. Follow Atreus up the spiraling pathway. When he takes a left onto the bridge, continue on this path without him and collect the Hacksilver chest. Now, join Atreus on the bridge.

You will hit an area blocked off by rubble, but you will be able to get a solid shot at the exploding cask behind it if you continue on the section of the bridge to the left. Once you blow up the rubble, pass under the canal, and you will fight another Begersa Mother. It will be up high, so take a left to hop over a gap and climb up to fight it. Once you kill it, enter through the door, collect the crafting material from the chest, and grab the artifact. You are done with this area… for now. Head back to the bridge.

At the end of the bridge, you will have to freeze another trough and have the water spill out onto a water wheel, but before you do that, hop down to the level below and on your right. Grab the Forged Iron from the chest. Climb up the chain, and redirect the trough to make contact with the water wheel. Head back to the end of the bridge, divert the water, and hop across. Freeze the water on your right, hop into the elevator, and call your axe back to ascend.

There is another treasure chest to the left of the door. Grab it and then move on to the next area.Kill the Wretches you will find here, grab the relic from the dwarf in the wall, kill the Grims and crawl through the crack in the wall. Shoot the glowing rocks hanging across the gap, then fling yourself across with the Blades of Chaos. Next, hop down, collect the artifact from behind the ruble, and enter the door. Now, you will stumble into a Draugr hole and fight The Hateful.

The Hateful

The Hateful is a dual axe wielding Draugr. It is fast, it hits extremely hard, and it has some very troublesome unblockable attacks. The worst of these is when it lunges towards you and performs a flying uppercut of sorts. This attack will kill you very quickly, is fast, unblockable, and covers a lot of range. So you will really need to nail your dodge roll. Thankfully, The Hateful does stomp its foot before it does this attack, so you will be able to see it coming.

The Hateful also has a projectile attack, but you can reflect it, which helps minimize the damage it does. Beyond that, you are going to want to parry its combo attacks, but keep a close eye, as you never know when they are going to mix in an unblockable attack.

If you get hurt, don't be afraid to retreat to the platform above and get some space. This isn't a bad way to help gather your composure. There is also a healthstone up there. You will probably have to repeat this battle a couple of times to get used to The Hateful's attack patterns. However, with a little perseverance, you should eventually get them. As a reward, you will get a blade attachment, chaos spark, and a bunch of other crafting supplies. Now, open up the legendary chest for a fortified frost knob.

Finding Tyr

Head back to the main path; we’re at the final water wheel. Help Atreus climb up to the platform above on the left. Then, throw your axe at the trough on the left, forcing the water to funnel into the wheel. Have Atreus turn the crank. This will cause ore to clog up the trough, allowing you to take your axe back. Now freeze the trough on the right. Hop across and onto the platform. Have Atreus shoot the minerals clogging the trough and the platform will take you to the other side. Before you enter the door, take out the nearby raven, then shimmy along the edge, grab the chest, and open the gate (this will take you back to where you fought The Hateful).

Collect the slag from the chest, take the passage, and fight the Bifrost-yielding Einherjar. You are going to have to deal with a bunch of these guys, so get used to dodging their Bifrost attacks. Avoiding the attack alone isn’t enough; you need to avoid the Bifrost impact on the ground as well. Once you finish them all, and talk to Tyr, it is a pretty straight shot to the end. You will fight a few more Grims, and a couple more Einherjar, but you will be at the exit before you know it.

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