God Of War Ragnarok, Old Friends Walkthrough

The Old Friends section of God of War Ragnarok makes it official: the Ghost of Sparta is old news. Kratos schmatos, we're on an Atreus adventure now! That's right, we're taking control of the boy himself. And Atreus has a pretty unique toolkit. While he has access to a number of Kratos-esque tools, his playstyle feels pretty distinct.

Related: God Of War Ragnarok, Jarnsmida Pitmines WalkthroughFor one, Atreus is a headshot machine. While he may not pack the same kind of punch that Kratos does, the ability to fire arrows in quick succession makes him extraordinarily good at tagging those vulnerable spots. Which means that Atreus is able to dish out an alarming amount of stun damage. Atreus won't be shooting ravens or collecting gear, but he will have plenty of opportunities to gain Hacksilver and crafting materials. We will help guide you to all the treasure caches in this stage.

Shores Of Nine

You are going to start by following a snowy path. Once you reach the end of it, grab the Hacksilver chest, and then shoot the gate open. Take the high road on the right, and shoot the explosive cask behind the wall of debris. There is a chest with crafting items behind it. Return to the main path. Unfrotunately, Tyr’s fallen statue will be in your way.

In order to clear the statue, you will need to shoot the green, glowing resonance point on the left. After you do that, travel back up the path so that you have a better vantage point. Now, fire at the green resonance point inside the statue. You should now be able to pass through. Once you do so, you will have a fight against a giant swarm of Draugrs. Aim for the head, and you will stun them pretty quickly with Atreus, then finish them off with an R3 attack. Sindri’s attacks are also extraordinarily potent. So, make sure to hammer square once he agrees to start helping.

After you finish the Draugrs off, open the nearby chest, then head up the elevator. You will not get a reunion with everyone's favorite giant snake: Jormungandr. Once you are finished catching up, go through the doors. Now, open another chest, and then head into the cavern. You will fight a few more Draugr here before finding a chest covered in ore. Shoot the explosive cask hanging from the ceiling to clear out the minerals to open the chest.

Once you split off from Sindri, you will follow a pretty linear path, occasionally fighting Draugr as you go. Eventually, you will find an area with a wooden structure in the middle and ore to either side of it. Fire one of your special arrows at the glowing green spot on the wooden structure, giving you a shot at an explosive pot on the right, which will clear that set of ore. Then, where the ore just was, look across the shaft, and you will see another exploding cask. Shoot it to uncover a chest. Take the crafting materials and jump through the hole you made in the wall. Now climb up.

Once you get up here, you will fight a bunch of Draugr. There are some on the other side of the cliff, firing projectiles at you. Just try to take shots at them whenever you can, but don’t neglect the melee-focused enemies breathing down your neck. Once you finish them off, open the chest and climb upward. Once you get to the ledge above, head to the left; there is another chest this way.

If you press L1 and R1 with Atreus he will fire a powerful volley of arrows, this will take care of at least one of those Draugrs on the ledge.

Head forward, and you will engage in another battle with Draugrs. Some of these Draugrs are packing shields. A charged shot at the legs will put them on the ground; then fire at their head as they lay there. You will also have to start fighting Nightmares. Once you finish off your enemies, there is a chest at the end of the bridge.

This is another chest that is encased in ore as well, but this time there are no explosives in sight. Travel into the nearby building, and hook to the right. You will be able to see the backside of the ore-covered chest, and there you will find a conveniently placed explosive cask to shoot. Return to the chest and open it. Now push onward. There is another chest waiting for you on the main path.

You will have a brief encounter with Freya. Unfortunately, you will receive a thorny reception. Ultimately you will be leaving from here with very little to show for it. Except loot, of course. Speaking of loot, make sure you open the legendary chest on your way out. As you make your way back, you will have to tussle with a few more Draugrs and Nightmares.

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