God Of War Ragnarok’s Director Says He’s Happy To Be "Invisible" As Long As The Story Is Continuous

God of War Ragnarok's director, Eric Williams, has said in a recent interview that he's happy to be "invisible" in his role as long as the story between the last game and Ragnarok feels continuous.

When God of War Ragnarok was first officially unveiled, it came as quite a surprise that Cory Barlog, the director of the 2018 game, wasn't returning in the same role, instead handing the reigns to Eric Williams, a veteran of the series who mainly worked on each game's combat. This caused some concern with fans, who wondered what the change in director might mean for Ragnarok's story.

It seems like Williams was well aware of those worries, however, and has made sure to combat them in his role as director on God of War Ragnarok. As highlighted by Twitter user Dream_Walker, God of War Ragnarok's director, Eric Williams, took part in an interview with 9News Melbourne's Mark Santomartino, where the two discussed the first five hours of the game. In the interview, Williams talks about the pressures of the role and not wanting to let the fans down, noting that he's happy to stay "invisible" as long as the game's story seems continuous.

Williams said, "I didn't want this to be like 'Corey's God of War' and 'Eric's God of War', I wanted this to be God of War: The Norse Saga. And if I'm almost invisible in this and you feel like it's Corey secretly behind the wheel, then so be it. To me, that's the best job, because I don't want it to be like 'well I like that but I don't like this', you want it to be continuous, almost like the way a book would be written."

Williams also touches upon how Covid impacted God of War Ragnarok's development, noting that he didn't want that to be one of the main stories behind the game and that the team had the initial plan for the game ready in late 2018, and just pushed ahead through the difficulties of the pandemic.

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