God Of War Ragnarok’s Lindwyrms Actually Have Names

The infamous Lindwyrms in God of War Ragnarok apparently have names, at least according to some recently rediscovered mythology. This was of course surely known to scholars, but when it comes to the community which has been rapidly building up around the game, players have just been plumbing the depths of the lore in God of War Ragnarok, finding surprises around each and every corner. The six creatures in question are apparently known as Goinn, Moinn, Grabakr, Grafvollundr, Ofnir, and Svafnir.

The news comes from a popular post on the social media platform Reddit. “Fun fact, these little guys have names in the myth,” a user known as Ed_Derick posted. Lindwyrms are described in God of War Ragnarok as being the spawn of Nidhogg, naturally mischievous creatures which can only be kept in check by their mother. The character Ratatoskr tasks Kratos with capturing the six Lindwyrms following the death of Nidhogg, promising to accept responsibility for their long term care.

“In the mythology, Nidhogg lives at the Yggdrasil root that reaches Helheim,” Ed_Derick explains about this particular legend. “It is said there are lots and lots of serpents, more than anyone could imagine. However, there's a poem which names six of these serpents and says they are the sons of the Grave Monster or Dig Monster.”

The player goes on to describe how “Nidhogg gnaws the root of Yggdrasil and tortures the damned souls in Helheim. Also in Ragnarok it will fly away, corpses will fall off its wings. So, Grave and Digging have to do with corpses. The serpents are the sons of a monster related to these things, therefore Nidhogg.”

The names are apparently found in the poem known as Grimnismal, Stanza 34. According to this particular text, the names of the six Lindwyrms are in fact Goinn, Moinn, Grabakr, Grafvollundr, Ofnir, and Svafnir. While some have been surprised by this impressive use of mythology in God of War Ragnarok, others have been giving the game plenty of praise, offering credit where credit is due. “The four seasons also have names,” the user called Jabronskyi for example remarked.

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