Google Stadia’s website already has a Konami code Easter egg

At the 2019 Game Developer’s Conference, Google announced their new platform, Stadia. After the announcement, fans took less than an hour to find a Konami code Easter egg on Stadia’s website.

If you go to Stadia’s website, and punch in the Konami code on your keyboard (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a), a model of Stadia’s controller pops up. You can spin the white version of the controller left or right.

But you can find the Konami code linked to Stadia in more than one way: The physical version of the controller presented in the keynote had the code printed above the headphone jack (as seen in the picture above).

Stadia’s controller is unique in that it features a share button to upload footage to YouTube, and another button that allows players to ask Google Assistant for help at anytime. Stadia’s controller isn’t required to play games on the platform, but it does connect to the cloud via Wi-Fi, which should reduce input lag.

We’ll have to see if the retail version of Stadia keeps the Konami code on the back, but for now, it’s a cute Easter egg connecting Stadia to gaming history.

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