Gotham Knights Getting New Reveal At Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest kicks off next week, and we're already getting hints at what big reveals the online games festival will bring. Earlier this week, Summer Game Fest revealed a long list of partners including EA, Capcom, Square Enix, and Bandai Namco, as well as Warner Bros., owners of DC Comics and publisher of the upcoming Gotham Knights, which will be one of the first games to receive its due next week.

According to Geoff Keighley himself, Summer Game Fest will feature "a brand-new reveal for Gotham Knights" next Thursday, June 9 at 11 AM PT (2 PM ET). Absolutely no other details were disclosed, but we're hoping it has nothing to do with Nightwing's butt this time around.

Gotham Knights only just recently gave us a 15-minute gameplay trailer that revealed Red Hood and Nightwing's abilities. Nightwing will have a glider that can fly him around, while Red Hood will use his "Mystical Leap" ability to catapult himself skyward. Rooftop traversal is then made possible through a more traditional grappling hook.

Strangely, Red Hood's normally lethal pistols have been softened to use "non-lethal" ammo, although they can sometimes still penetrate their targets. Nightwing's sticks can unleash an Elemental Shock that ignores armor or freezes enemies in place, making them vulnerable to physical attacks.

Batgirl from Gotham Knights has also become the center of controversy over her backstory. Batgirl's in-game description revealed her recovery from debilitating injuries was the result of "raw willpower and determination," setting an unrealistically high bar for disabled people. Creative director Patrick Redding addressed those concerns, changing the in-game description to say she actually recovered through "extensive training and rehabilitation."

Gotham Knights arrives on PC and current-gen consoles (excluding Switch) on October 25.

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