Gran Turismo 7: How To Obtain The Super License

Gran Turismo 7 has been brought back to its license challenges, and they offer you a great and easy way to obtain credits and a new car (or, potentially, two new cars). The Super License is the final license to complete, and like in previous games, the lessons are all actually one-time attack lap around an in-game circuit. Because of this, with a couple of exceptions, this license is actually fairly easy to obtain.

Completing the licenses rewards you with credits and a new car (potentially two new cars if you achieve gold in them all). The cars for the Super License are the Audi R8 LMS Evo '19 if you pass them all, and the mighty Gran Turismo Red Bull X2019 if you get all golds.

Super License Lessons

LessonTips On How To CompleteCar Used
S1 – High Speed RingNice and easy this one as High Speed Ring is the easiest non-oval circuit in the game. Don't brake into, or in the middle of, the first corner. Instead, when you feel like you are starting to understeer away, ease off the throttle. You will lose a lot of time here if you brake. The same also applies to the final corner, you should be as smooth with that throttle as possible.Lamborghini Aventador
S2 – MonzaMonza has a lot of fast straights where you can make time up if you don't quite nail the corners, so is fairly simple. You should pay particular attention to the first braking zone into the first chicane as this is notoriously tight, and also to the speed you exit the final corner – the famous Parabolica. You should be hitting full throttle for almost 80% of a lap around Monza.Lamborghini Diablo GT
S3 – TsukubaTsukuba is a narrow, twisty, and tricky circuit with an awkward middle sector. It also had a difficult final corner where it is extremely easy to understeer and go flying into the gravel. The Nissan is a great car though, so it shouldn't give you too much trouble.Nissan Silvia spec-R Aero (S15) Touring Car
S4 – Tokyo Expressway SouthWell, now things get difficult again. This being a street circuit, you can't hit any barriers otherwise you'll be disqualified immediately. The Surpa is a brilliant handling car, but the two tight hairpins at this track can be especially challenging. Try and keep as much speed as you can through the "false-straights" that is, where there are light corners but you can still go full throttle. Be brave!Toyota Supra GT500
S5 – Sardegna WindmillsThis is a rough one if you are using a controller, as dirt racing in Gran Turismo 7 falls some way short in feel compared to on the tarmac, and the car will handle like a nightmare. If you take it steady you should be okay, and don't try and handbrake slide unless you feel confident enough. With a steering wheel things should be slightly easier.Toyota GR Yaris
S6 – Trial MountainThe Shelby will feel like the world's best handling car after the nightmare of the previous test, and this tour around Trial Mountain is fairly pain-free. This car has a lot of torque though, so watch that the back end doesn't slide out as you take corners, and keep it easy on the throttle.Ford Shelby GT350R
S7 – Laguna SecaOther than the final exam, this is (potentially) the toughest one of the lot. Firstly, you are in a single-seater Super Formula car – which is a type of car you haven't yet driven in Gran Turismo 7. Secondly, you are at Laguna Seca – which definitely isn't a track that's made for single-seater race cars. The biggest challenge with this one is carrying the right amount of speed into turns 4 and 5, so you can hit the corkscrew while already making good time. The track is so narrow though, and twitch or error will cause you an instant fail. Good luckSuper Formula Honda
S8 – InterlagosMost time is lost at Interlagos through its tight middle section, especially the last tight corner before you get out onto the home straight where it is so easy to understeer off the track. Other than that, though, this is a fairly easy test. The Zonda packs a massive punch though so especially watch your braking point as you go down into Turn 4 after the long straight – you'll be hitting nearly 200 mph before you realize.Zonda R
S9 – Deep ForestDeep Forest has very close barriers that can spell disaster if you don't watch your throttle control with the GT-R. Ensure you get the braking zone for the hairpin right after the tunnel and don't cut the corner! You will fail if you do this.Nissan GT-R GT500
S10 – Spa-FrancorchampsHere we are, the final exam. This is Spa-Francorchamps, one of the world's best circuits and you are in one of history's greatest ever cars – the Porsche 917 that Steve McQueen drove in the 1970 Le Mans 24 Hours. This thing was capable of topping 240 mph, had ludicrous amounts of torque, and in this exam it is an absolute handful as, yep, we have a partially wet track and the car is wearing slick tyres. Don't try and be a hero through Eau Rouge (the second corner) and take it flat-out like an F1 driver, you won't make it. Watch out for the slippery Turn 12 and try and carry as much speed as you dare through Blanchimont (the very fast sequence of corners before the final chicane). If you are using a controller, this will take you several tries and with a wheel it isn't a walk in the park either. Godspeed.Porsche

If you are going for gold on a track, then you will almost certainly need to reset as soon as you make even a small mistake and this obviously take time on the long circuits. If you aren't, however, and just want to pass the tests, you don't necessarily need to do this as there's some room for error in the bronze time. It all also adds to your daily workout too, so you might get roulette ticket out of it even if you fail

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