Grand Theft Auto Vice City: All Unique Stunt Jump Locations

Whereas Grand Theft Auto 3 only has 20 jumps scattered throughout Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City packs 36 within its map. It only makes sense that the sequel would go bigger. While many of these are a little harder to pull off than in the prior entry, the main advantage in Vice City is how much easier it is to find fast cars capable of such feats.

The addition of bikes also changes the challenge. Like the prior game, doing the jumps is a great way to earn some quick cash, though the payout is not nearly as big as in Grand Theft Auto 3. You earn 100 dollars for the first jump, and then 100 multiplied by the number of the jump for each subsequent one. The last jump nets you a cool ten thousand. This list starts at the southern part of the first island going north, and then from the southern part of the second island going north once again.

By The Marina

The first two jumps are on the marina where you take missions from Juan Cortez early in the game. You have to drive onto the concrete docks and you'll find wooden ramps at the edge of each. Use a fast enough car to gain enough speed with such a short strip of space to drive before heading off the ramp.

Second Ramp By The Marina

The second jump is right after the first one. There is the risk of going in too hot or not straight enough and ending up in the water. As long as you land for at least a bit, the jump will show as completed even if you end up in the water.

Up The Stairs To The Roof

The next two jumps also come one right after the other. Go east near the Pay 'n' Spray and look for a flight of stairs to the right of it. You need to use them as a ramp and then get enough air to reach the roof.

On The Pink Roof

Keep the momentum from the last jump and go off the next ramp in front of you. Land on the grass to complete the jump.

At The Top Of The Carpark

Go east of the last two jumps and find a parking garage. Go to the very top and find a group of ramps in the corner. You need to land on the roof with the yellow edge to make the jump successfully.

Jumping From A Pallet In The Alleyway

Go northeast and in an alleyway, there is a pallet you can use for the next jump. Aim for the roof across the street.

North Of The Last Jump In The Alleyway

Head north and in another alleyway is a similar type of jump. Like the last one, jump from the pallet and aim for the roof across the street.

Washington Mall

West of where the last jump is, you will find the next two jumps. Go up the circular ramp to the parking lot on top of the Washinton Mall. Use the other ramp at the top to make it to the roof across the street.

On The Roof

Don't fall off the roof after making the last jump. Ahead of you there are three ramps. Use the one in the corner to make it to the roof across the street.

From The Staircase In The Alleyway

Go northeast (north of the second jump from the pallet) to find a staircase in an alleyway. This is the same alleyway you stand on top of to defend Diaz in a mission early in the story. Jump from it and land on the roof to complete the jump.

East Of The Police Station

Head north up the same alley until you reach the police station. To the right is a staircase. Use it to jump onto the grass across the street.

From The Stairs

Right next to the last jump are two flights of stairs. Use the one away from the last jump to make it onto the roof across the street.

Wooden Ramp

Go north, past the police station, to find a wooden ramp leading to a roof. Use it to make it to the top and complete the jump.

Jump Over The Bridge

Next to the wooden ramp is a bridge. To the side, you can see a concrete ramp. Use it to jump over the bridge.

Jump Across The River

Go north to find a concrete ramp outside of the Malibu Club. It might be difficult to get enough speed and dodge traffic on your way to the ramp. Try blocking traffic with some parked cars to free up space.

On Top Of The Construction Site

Go to the construction site and take a bike to the very top. Once there, drive up the red beam that is pointing northward.

Dirt Pile Across The River

Go to the tool store and next to the bridge east of it is a pile of dirt you can use as a ramp.

On The Other Side Of The Jump

After the last jump, turn around and use the ramp opposite the last one to jump back from where you came.

Southwest Of The Airport

The next batch is in the airport at the south end of the second island. Start on the southwest section of the airport. Use the stairs to jump past the radar dish.

North Of The Radar Dish

Go slightly north of the radar dish and jump off a tiny yellow ramp.

Jump Off The Stairs

Go north to find a flight of stairs and use it to jump over the boarding gate.

Jumping Over The Boarding Gate

Yet another flight of stairs is up north. Use it to jump over another boarding gate.

Jumping Over Another Boarding Gate

To the east of the last jump is a similar jump to the last two. Once again go over the boarding gate.

Metal Ramp At The End Of The Runway

Go south and at the end of the runway are two metal ramps. Use the steeper ramp to the left to clear the gate.

Jumping Onto The Police Station Roof

Go north to find a flight of stairs pointing away from the airport. Use it to jump to the roof across the street.

Jump From The Billboard

Go north to the front of the airport and find the surfing billboard. There is a ramp behind the wave you can jump from.

On A Roof In little Haiti

The next jump is northeast of the airport. However, you have to go further north to start it. Approach it from the north (as directed on the above photo).

Starfish Island

Go to the north of Starfish Island (where the Vercetti Mansion is located) to find the mansion where this next jump is. There is a small set of stairs you jump off to clear a hedge.

Behind The Pay 'N' Spray

Back on the second island, head north, and then to the west of the Pay 'n' Spray is a ramp you use to clear a gap.

By The Burned-Out Bus

North of the last jump is a wooden ramp near an abandoned bus. Use the ramp to jump over the bus.

East Of Phil's Place

Go east of Phil's Place to find a wooden ramp. In the air is a police bribe. Make it to the roof where a helicopter is parked.

Big Flight Of Stairs

Go directly north and you will find a long flight of stairs outside. Jump it using a motorcycle.

The Rooftops

The next three jumps are all a part of the G-spotlight mission for the movie studio. If you do the mission correctly, you should have all of these without a problem. The first one is the first jump from the window of the building where the mission starts.

On Top Of The Hospital

After following the path, the jump from the hospital roof is the next unique stunt.

At The End Of The Path

Finally, the last jump before reaching the spotlight is the third unique jump as a part of this mission.

East Of The Film Studio

Go to the island where the film studio is. East of the studio is a building. Reach its roofs by using some ramps behind it. A final ramp leads into the film studio, completing the jump.

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