Grandchild Finds 26 Copies Of Wario Land 4 In Their Late Grandma’s Attic

Many of you reading this probably have multiple copies of a game you love, or perhaps even own more than one copy of a game you don't like but received as a gift. What no one reading this likely has is 26 copies of a single game, let alone that many copies of Wario Land 4 on Game Boy Advance.

Turns out someone did own that many copies of the somewhat obscure Advance game, and it isn't the sort of gamer you might expect. Posted on Reddit by KrisReed, and spotted by GamingBible, was a photo of what might well be the most obscure video game collection you ever see. As has already been implied, the highlight of the collection is 26 copies of Wario Land 4.

According to the OP, the impressive haul was discovered in their grandma's attic, seemingly after she passed away and her relatives were going through her stuff. Just as confused as you likely are right now as to why one grandparent would own 26 copies of the same game, the best theory their grandchild has been able to come up with is that their video game-loving relative didn't know you could overwrite game saves.

If that theory is correct, that means the unnamed grandma ventured out and bought a new copy of Wario Land 4 every time she wanted to start anew. That might also explain why those games are accompanied by 13 copies of Mario Pinball Land. What remains unexplained is why exactly this Wario Land lover was hoarding Game Boy Advance SPs. 19 of them in total, plus a translucent Game Boy Color to make it a round 20 handheld Nintendo consoles.

Apparently the OP's grandma also left a number of tutorials for the games she had printed from websites, plus messages to the grandchildren who have now discovered them explaining how the games work. If only Wario Land Grandma's penchant for gaming had been discovered while she was still around, she could have teamed up with Skyrim Grandma for the ultimate older gamer crossover stream.

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