Green Hell Quest Dev On VR Differences & Future Support

We sat down with the developer of Green Hell VR to talk about the just-released Quest version of the game.

Green Hell is out now on Quest and it’s A. very good and B. quite different to the original version of the game. Developer Incuvo has gone back into the Creepy Jar original and worked out how to get the experience to properly work for mobile VR, redesigning areas and reworking mechanics to work with motion controls. We spoke to the studio’s Radomir Kucharski about some of the changes and the work to bring the game to Quest.

Kucharski also talks about the future of the game, including progress on the already-confirmed co-op support and if the original game’s DLC expansions could make it into the Quest version too. Need more? Check out our video comparing the Quest and flatscreen versions right here.

Don’t forget that this is just one version of Green Hell VR. The PC VR version is still in development and is expected to retain a lot of the core elements of the original game. We’ll be looking forward to testing that edition out in the future.

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