GTA 5 update early patch notes: PC load time boost but Xbox One crashes reported

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GTA players can download a new update today, with the new patch appearing to bring with it major improvements to PC load times. Earlier this week it was confirmed that Rockstar Games would be implementing a fan-made fix to reduce PC load times by up to 70 percent – a staggering improvement. And following this news emerging at the start of the week it appears the fix is being rolled out to GTA 5 Online players with the new title update download.

A post on the GTA Online Reddit has outlined the improvements that GTA update 1.37 / title update 1.54 brings to the table.

The patch weighs in at around 400MB on PCs, and gamers on that format have reported a drastic improvement to GTA load times.

According to the Reddit post, prior to this GTA update being released loading GTA Online directly from a landing page took nine minutes and 38 seconds.

Since installing the latest GTA update though this has been cut massively to three minutes and 15 seconds.

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However, the Redditor noted that Xbox players are experiencing “all sorts of crashes” following the release of this latest patch.

They wrote: “Xbox players are experiencing all sorts of crashes. Test NAT doesn’t work on Xbox. There is currently no fix for the crashes. You’ll need to wait Rockstar to release another smaller patch for Xbox to fix those issues.”

Responding to this post other Xbox players also reported issues they were experiencing with the latest GTA update.

One wrote: “I dunno if it’s just me or not but since that update dropped on Xbox I can now no longer play GTA:O.

“Like if I boot the game up and let it load me into Online I can get it but as soon as I try to launch a job or swap sessions cause I want a less populated one/ empty one (for CEO stuff) GTA just crashes.”

Another posted: “On Xbox One. Just downloaded the update. Game crashed as I tried to go online twice.”

One added: “Wanted to spin the wheel in the casino, and the game freezed, and droped me out to the Xbox home screen.”

While on Twitter there were also more reports of issues with the latest GTA update on Xbox.

One Xbox gamer wrote: “The Xbox update makes it so the game crashes when loading. I can confirm they fixed my love of GTA by making me hate it.”

While another posted: “@RockstarSupport Whatever you think you’ve fixed with today’s GTA update it didn’t work, the now game crashes every time I try to load it and quits back to the home screen on Xbox One.”

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