GTA Online Has The Perfect Valentine’s Gift, You Just Have To Steal It First

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and now you can get your hands on some in Grand Theft Auto Online’s Valentine’s Day event, but they won’t come easy.

Valentine’s Day is one of the most controversial events on the calendar. Is it a nice idea. Is it a healthy injection of love and friendship that this cynical world of ours sorely needs? Or just another excuse for stores to sell much more expensive flowers and chocolate than usual? It’s both and neither all at once.

Regardless of your personal feelings about February 14th, there is one positive thing we can all count on: a lot of our favorite titles will be running special in-game events to honor this most love-tastic of days. One of these games, of course, is Grand Theft Auto Online, the title that just keeps giving. If there’s any possible excuse for Rockstar to release new content for this years-old title, it’s darn well going to seize it.

The game’s latest update offers a lot of nice bonuses for content old and new. The action centers around The Diamond Casino Heist, in which the Diamond Casino Hotel and Resort has a sizable shipment of the precious gems in transit with you and your gangs’ names on it. As the Rockstar Social Club reports, if you can’t afford real diamonds for your lover this Valentine’s, it’s worth trying your luck here instead: you can earn up to 50% more than your usual heist haul if you perform well and complete this special mission.

In that same decadent spirit, champagne is available for no charge all week, from February 13-19. The Prison Break, Series A and The Fleeca Job all offer double the payout for this period too, and ill-gotten money from nightclubs will be doubled as well. The same also goes for Till Death Do Us Part, Hasta La Vista, Lost vs Damned and other select Adversary modes.

There are also sizeable discounts on Valentine’s Day cosmetics, as well as certain vehicles and weapons. All in all, there’s a lot of incentive for players to celebrate the spirit of love and togetherness by hopping onto Grand Theft Auto Online and causing some criminal mayhem.

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