GTA Online Trick Lets You Free Roam Cayo Perico

Some astute GTA Online players have discovered how to shake off Cayo Perico’s guards and free roam the island.

More than seven years after it was first released, Rockstar added the biggest update yet to GTA 5. The Cayo Perico Heist, an update that includes a brand new night club and its crown jewel, and an entirely new island. GTA Online players are able to team up and complete heists on the new island, and for the first time ever, can also complete some of the heists alone.

Unless you’re eagerly awaiting an announcement regarding GTA 6, or anything pertaining to Rockstar’s next big project, then there’s nothing not to like about the update. Well, actually, there might be one minor thing. Cayo Perico is not currently available for you to roam around freely. It is open for heists and Don Rubio’s exclusive beach party only. The armed guards protecting the island see to that.

One player has discovered a way around that though and posted the method on Reddit. Fair warning, it is pretty complicated and riddled with glitches. Since the workaround is itself a glitch, that should hardly come as a surprise. It does allow you to explore Cayo Perico though without the imminent threat of invincible heavies bearing down on you and bringing your visit to an end. A step-by-step guide detailing how to free roam Cayo Perico can be found in the Reddit post below.

To use the exploit, you will have to own a Motorcycle Club or be the CEO of a business. When you load up the update’s Scope Out mission for a second time, you can then follow the steps above after arriving at Los Santos airport. If done right, the game will be tricked into thinking you are at Cayo Perico’s beach party, when in actuality you can walk around the island and get to know it a little better.

As stated above, there are plenty of issues with this. You won’t be able to kill anyone else on the island since the game still won’t allow you to use your weapons. It also seems as if when you follow the steps with a friend, both of you will be on the island, but you won’t be able to see each other. The Redditor who discovered the glitch has also only done so in an invite-only lobby. It isn’t clear whether the trick also works in a public lobby.

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