GTA Online’s Version Of The Grinch Is Here To Steal Christmas And Your Wallet

It's the holidays and a number of games currently have events ongoing to celebrate the occasion. Fortnite has Winterfest, Overwatch 2 has Winter Wonderland, and GTA Online players need to be on the lookout for a mugger called The Gooch. No that's not a typo, there really is something called The Gooch hunting you for money in GTA Online right now.

Clearly Rockstar's take on the iconic Christmas character The Grinch, just in case you didn't figure that out for yourselves, The Gooch might well be waiting for you in Los Santos right now. Dressed in a crude Santa suit and wearing what appears to be a colorful baboon mask, The Gooch will randomly appear from a green puff of smoke, knock you to the floor, and steal a chunk of your money and snacks.

After taking some of your stuff, and while you're still on the deck getting your bearings, The Gooch will take off as fast as he can. As you can see below, the creepy mugger has quite a lot of stamina and also isn't all that easy to fell. If you do catch up and get your revenge, The Gooch will drop everything it stole from you in a neatly wrapped Christmas package. A package that also includes a Gooch mask you can wear to freak out other players, plus an additional GTA$25,000.

As for what you need to do to make sure The Gooch might manifest in your virtual corner of San Andreas, the crook can show up almost anywhere. As long as you're on a server with at least one other active player, outside, and not on a mission, The Gooch might well appear and target you. While obviously added for the holidays, Rockstar hasn't specified exactly how long The Gooch will be sticking around.

There is one other Christmas activity ongoing in GTA Online right now, and unlike being attacked by The Gooch, it requires active participation. A Die Hard tribute atop the highest skyscraper in the game. Head there right now and you'll find police engaged in a shootout with a lone gunman. Kill all of the shooters and you'll be rewarded with a pistol inspired by the one John McClane uses in the first movie.

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