GTA Trilogy Bug Is Killing Players For No Reason

GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition is still in a rough spot. Yes, there have been several patches that have fixed up some of the game's most egregious errors and glitches, but there's at least one mission-breaking bug that's killing players during one of Vice City's many race missions.

The issue seems to come after hitting one of the race markers. As shown in Reddit user Jorin0L's video, the player's health starts to decrease rapidly for no reason after hitting the marker until they eventually wind up wasted.

There seems to be no explanation for why the player suddenly loses health during a race without any apparent source of damage. One reply in the comments seems to have the best explanation: for whatever reason, the game thinks the player is underwater after hitting the race marker, causing the player to take drowning damage. Of course, that's just speculation, but it explains the bizarre outcome.

All three Definitive Edition games are still riddled with these random and inexplicable bugs, including this one shared by another player in the comments:

“The cones in SA driving school make a gunshot sound when you hit them and it takes your ammo away. You are saying you are familiar with how the games are coded but as you can see," wrote user badass_dean, "the game is so broken they managed to misspell the Cluckin' Bell menu while some parts remained exactly the same."

It’ll be sometime before all the bugs get squashed in future updates. But at least the recent patch made some of Definitive Edition's character models appear somewhat more believable.

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