Guess That Video Game – DALL-E Edition

Okay, I'm not sure if I'm late to the game, but have you heard about this thing called DALL-E mini? This AI program developed by a Google employee creates images based on user prompts. The results range from gorgeous landscapes to hellbound nightmare fuel. So, of course, I had to check it out!

All I have to say is this thing is wild, and I love it! And I love what people are doing with this program. For instance, Smosh Games posted a video quizzing cast members to guess the prompts that developed AI images as bizarre as a green M&M becoming a nun. Well, sister, sign me up! So, inspired by this idea, I decided to dream up a video game DALL-E quiz for our lovely readers.

Here Are The Rules:

  • Each entry in this list has two AI images inspired by the same DALL-E prompt. There are ten entries in total.
  • A hint above the images is provided for clues.
  • Record your answers for each entry on a piece of paper, desktop note, or up in your noggin. Whatever floats your boat.
  • Open the expandable box at the end of the article to see the answer key. Correct answers gain one point. Wrong answers get no points.
  • Does the answer have to be specific to the letter? If you want to play on hard mode, sure. Otherwise, getting the keywords correct will suffice. Use your best judgment. (And don't cheat!)
  • After reviewing your answers and counting your score, check the rubric below to see if you're an AI Overlord or a Mediocre Homosapien.


Hint: Sports, Fire, and Spinning Bird Kicks


Hint: Six Flags Or Midgar? Why Not Both!


Hint: It's A Me, Maleo!

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Hint: Eight-Way Disney Dash


Hint: The Time Has Come To Lip Sync FOR THE NETHERREALM!


Hint: Why Men Great Til They Gotta Waka-Waka-Waka-Waka?


Hint: Watermelon, Sugar, BOY!

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Hint: He Glided Into Best In Show


Hint: Not Far Off From An Actual Move In The Game

DALL-E #10

Hint: Classic Character, Classic Vacation Spot, Classic Sandwich

Answer Key And Scoring Rubric

Answer Key











DALL-E #1: Chun-li Riding A Bicycle On Fire

DALL-E #2: Cloud Strife Rides A Rollercoaster

DALL-E #3: Mario Grows Wings And Flies High In The Sky

DALL-E #4: Mickey Mouse In Tekken 7

DALL-E #5: Shinnok Competes On Rupaul's Drag Race

DALL-E #6: Pac-Man Dances With Lizzo

DALL-E #7: Harry Styles Sings Karaoke With Kratos From God Of War

DALL-E #8: Spyro The Dragon Wins First Place At The Westminster Dog Show

DALL-E #9: Sub-Zero From Mortal Kombat Makes An Ice Cream Cone

DALL-E #10: Master Chief Eating A Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich On The Beach

Scoring Rubric

  • 0/10=Mediocre Homosapien: Like most people, you probably knew the video game but not the situation or vice versa. Guessing AI art is hard, especially when the prompts that inspire it are super-specific. Keep grinding, pal. You got this!
  • 1-4/10=R.O.B.: Okay, Robotic Operating Buddy, you're starting to get the hang of it. Unfortunately, you're as resourceful as a peripheral that only works for two NES games. Still, you've made it into Smash. That's something!
  • 5-7/10=Sophia The Robot: You're the world's most likable robot. You've addressed the UN, have a credit card, and even sang a duet with Jimmy Fallon! Still, experts are saying your abilities are a little, eh-hm, exaggerated.
  • 8-9/10=GLaDOS: Wow. Um. I'm starting to get a little terrified of you now. I feel like someone promised me a cake that I'll never get. Rude.
  • 10/10=DALL-E mini: Of course, you got a perfect score. You made these cursed images. Stop cheating and go make creepy paintings of Jar Jar Binks or whatever.

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