Guild Wars 2: How To Farm Elder Wood

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Elder Wood is a type of wood that can be gathered from trees in Guild Wars 2. This wood can be found around the world, but if you are struggling to find it, we are here to help. In this guide, we are going to talk about the best methods for farming Elder Wood. The primary reason to gather Elder Wood is to turn it into planks, which are useful in a variety of exotic and ascended crafting recipes.

Although there are dozens of ways to obtain Elder Wood, we are only going to be looking at the most efficient methods. This will help you gather the material as quickly as possible without wasting any time. First, let's take a look at which trees will provide Elder Wood.

Nodes That Provide Elder Wood

Elder Wood can be obtained by logging at the following types of trees. You can also check out where these trees appear in the world.

Tree TypeLocations
Bamboo Sapling
  • Echovald Wilds
  • New Kaineng City
  • Dragon's End
Baoba Sapling
  • Lake Doric
  • Mount Maelstrom
  • Domain of Istan
  • Dragonfall
  • Sandswept Isles
Cherry Blossom Sapling
  • Seitung Province
Cypress Sapling
  • Southsun Cove
  • Dry Top
  • Silverwastes
  • Cursed Shore
  • Malchor's Leap
  • Siren's Landing
  • Straits of Devastation
  • Bitterfrost Frontier
  • Bjora Marches
  • Drizzlewood Coast
  • Frostgorge Sound
  • Thunderhead Peaks
Eerie Driftwood
  • Sandswept Isles
Mebahya Sapling
  • Crystal Oasis
  • Desert Highlands
  • Domain of Kourna
  • Domain of Vabbi
  • Dragonfall
  • Elon Riverlands
  • Jahai Bluffs
  • The Desolation
Palm Sapling
  • Auric Basin
  • Bloodstone Fen
  • Dragon's Stand
  • Ember Bay
  • Tangled Depths
  • Verdant Brink
  • Draconis Mons
Petrified Echovald Sapling
  • Echovald Wilds
Red Oak Sapling
  • Seitung Province
  • Firehaert Rise
  • Grothmar Valley
  • Dragonfall
  • Within the following four cities, you may also find a Red Oak Sapling resource node:
    • Divinity's Reach
    • Black Citadel
    • Rata Sum
    • Hoelbrak

Overall, Elder Wood is primarily found in higher-level maps. If you try to search for it in lower-level areas, you will find cheaper types of wood.

To successfully gather Elder Wood, you will need to have a mithril logging axe or one of higher quality. If you use a lower-quality axe, you will get ruined resources that can't be used.

Mithril and Orichalcum logging axes can be purchased from any craftsman or merchant in areas that are level 60 or above. The farming methods that we will be talking about occur on maps that are above level 60, so you can easily buy the tools here.

Now that you know which trees provide Elder Wood, let's look at the best methods for farming.

Farming At Malchor's Leap

One of the best places to farm Elder Wood is in Malchor's Leap. On this map, there are dozens of Cypress Saplings that provide Elder Wood.

The best place to find this resource is near a statue to the west of Pagga's Waypoint. Just below Rayhan Bayt, you can find a statue that's surrounded by trees, providing Elder Wood. These trees will respawn every few hours, allowing you to come back a few times a day to gather wood. You can also check out this location on the map below.

Additionally, you will be able to gather this wood with other characters. If you want to farm a lot of Elder Wood, we recommend 'parking' a character at Pagga's Waypoint, using them to quickly gather Elder Wood from the statue at Rayhan Bayt.

Farming At Siren's Landing

Another great place to farm Elder Wood is at Siren's Landing. This map does not have a cluster of trees like Malchor's Leap, but here, you are able to find several trees spread out on the map.

When looking at the map for Siren's Landing, you will see the Camp Reclamation Waypoint on the main 'island', made up of the Risen Lowlands, Merciless Shore, and Melandru's Reliquary. Starting from the waypoint, make your way slightly northwest, collecting wood from any trees that you pass. Once you make it to the end, which is the westernmost edge of the Merciless Shore, head southeast, looping back through Melandru's Reliquary.

By following this path, you will be able to find plenty of trees that provide Elder Wood.

Purchasing Elder Wood

If you aren't in the mood to run around and chop down trees, you can also buy Elder Wood. This material is fairly cheap, but if you plan on buying a stack or two, be prepared to fork over some gold.

Purchasing Elder Wood from the Trading Post isn't technically farming, but it is the most efficient since you do not have to go anywhere to get it.

That's all there is to know about farming Elder Wood! Be sure to always keep a spare axe in your inventory, so you can equip it if your current one breaks. From time to time, infinite gathering tools may appear in the Gem Store, so be on the lookout for those as well.

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