Guild Wars 2: How To Get Every Mastery Insight In The Domain Of Vabbi

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  • Kodash Brazier Insight
  • Yahnur Sandfall Insight
  • Zagonur Towers Insight

The Domain of Vabbi is an area in the Crystal Desert of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Much of this map has been covered in Kralkatorrik's Brand, making traversal difficult. While on your journey through the Crystal Desert, you'll need Mastery Points to upgrade the abilities of your mounts, allowing you to explore the detailed areas of the desert.

There are three Mastery Insights to be collected in this map, and you'll need the Springer mount unlocked to get to them. Let's take a look at the location of each Mastery Insight in the Domain of Vabbi, and how to get to them.

Kodash Brazier Insight

To reach this Mastery Insight, start from the Market Ruins Waypoint near Kodash Bazaar. Jump down into the river below and head north up the river until you are able to move onto the land to the right. Then, head east until you reach the Hero Challenge and a protective bubble.

Next, move north into the ruins, then hide under one of the arches from the Brandstorm so you can get on your Springer. Jump to the higher level, and the Mastery Insight will be behind a Veteran Branded Forgotten Priest. Defeat this enemy to commune with the Insight and claim the Mastery Point.

Yahnur Sandfall Insight

From the Market Ruins Waypoint, jump down into the river again, but this time head south down the river. Continue forward until you reach the friendly Veteran Fire Djinn who is maintaining a protective bubble. Get on your Springer and scale the rocky cliffside to the top level, where you will find a Jackal Portal and another protective bubble. Move south for a short distance and drop into the hole on top of a third protective bubble and the Mastery Insight.

This Insight is easier to travel to if you use the Skimmer, but it is not required.

Zagonur Towers Insight

Once again, teleport to the Market Ruins Waypoint and drop back down into the river. Head slightly northeast, then turn right onto land. Get on your Springer, and jump up the rocks until you reach the protective bubble and the Zagonur Towers Mastery Insight.

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