Halo Infinite Is Getting A Prequel Novel

Those who have played through Halo Infinite's campaign will know there's a lot of story to tell during the months directly before the game begins and Master Chief is revived. A six-month chunk of that story will be told next month when Halo: The Rubicon Protocol launches. A prequel novel detailing exactly what happened before we started our own new Master Chief journeys on Zeta Halo.

The novel is being penned by Kelly Gay, reports PCGamesN. The author has been responsible for a number of previous Halo novels written to fill gaps and explain the deeper lore of the series, including Rion Forge and Ace of Spades, so this additional chapter in the Halo story is in good hands. It will be available on August 9, 2022, so not long to wait until you can expand your Halo Infinite knowledge and learn what led to Master Chief's return.

Great news on the surface, but a reveal that's a little tainted for some Halo fans. Many have taken to social media since The Rubicon Protocol's reveal to question why the prequel is a novel and not playable DLC. The way in which Halo broke the news about the novel via the series' official Twitter account definitely didn't help.

“Witness the devastating Banished ambush at Zeta Halo from a different point of view in HALO: THE RUBICON PROTOCOL on August 9,” the tweet reads. No mention of it being a novel until clicking the link included in the tweet, leading some players to assume this was going to be DLC. That will not be the case, and you won't be taking control of Captain Lasky or anyone else on Zeta Halo in the events prior to Infinite, at least not for now.

343 Industries is yet to reveal any DLC for Infinite, but as The Rubicon Protocol proves, there are plenty of gaps in the game's story to be filled. All focus is on campaign co-op for now, and then Forge after that. Beta testing for the former actually begins today, with 343 eyeing a late-August launch for the long-awaited mode. Forge is slated to be here before the end of 2022, and footage of how it currently looks has been leaking online.

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