Happy Game Is A Twisted Horror Title From The Minds Behind Machinarium

During Nintendo’s Indie World showcase this afternoon, developer Amanita Design unveiled a new trailer for Happy Game. A twisted horror title that is a massive departure from the studio’s typically happy style, it is currently slated to hit PC and Switch sometime in Spring 2021. It will be directed by Jaromír Plachý, who previously directed both Chuchel and Botanicula.

In the short announcement trailer, we can see some truly horrific shots juxtaposed against otherwise happy music. Amanita really isn’t kidding when it says this is a departure. It almost reminds me of something like Happy Tree Friends, just without being juvenile and stupid. The grotesque sound effects mashed against pleasant environments look positively electrifying.

As for how it plays, this seems to be akin to a point-and-click adventure, something that Amanita does best. Players will be tasked with helping a young boy escape three “unforgettable” nightmares that will have them traveling through disturbing environments. The soundtrack will be composed by Czech freak-folk band DVA for that added layer of uneasiness.

I had actually missed the Indie World showcase, so I wasn’t aware that Happy Game was being made by Amanita. I’m a pretty big fan of the studio’s work, evidenced by my coverage of both Machinarium and Creaks. While Happy Games doesn’t immediately speak to me, I think that is more to do with its horror element being actually effective.

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