Hawkeye’s Latest Costume In Marvel’s Avengers Turns Him Into A Bird

Hawkeye isn't a literal bird-based superhero, it's a codename given to Clint Barton that means he has the eyes of hawk (again, not literally) because his aim is so good. However, Marvel's Avengers is asking the brave and bold question, "Nah, what if Hawkeye really was a bird-man?" Cue Werehawk, it's newest skin.

He has a hawk head, feathers all along his body, big red eyes, and the classic purple-and-black Hawkeye jacket. He's hardly recognisable as Clint Barton, instead drawing from the Earth-666 version.

In Earth-666, everybody is dead or undead, meaning that not only is Hawkeye a literal bird man with this skin, but a walking corpse. Not to be confused with Marvel Zombies. And on Earth-666, where Clint Barton is a bird man, he's part of the supernatural Avengers. He'd probably fit in better with the Midnight Suns.

He first appeared in Secret Avengers Volume 1, Issue 33, and then again in Issue 34 and 36. These are Werehawk's (or Earth-666 Clint Barton's) only appearances, so this is a pretty deep cut for a new skin. At any rate, it's a good excuse to try a new comic, even if it's to see an admittedly cursed bird man.

Unfortunately, however, the skin doesn't give Hawkeye the ability to fly. You'll still be grounded with your bow and arrow, but you'll look cool (or unique?) doing it.

While we are getting new skins, and while Marvel's Avengers doesn't appear to be completely dead yet, reports came in earlier this month that it was to be sunset in 2023, meaning that Crystal Dynamics may not add any further content in 2024. This lines up with its initial promise of three-to-five years of post-launch support, but it does mean that Werehawk may be among some of the biggest new additions to the game.

Or not, as the same report claimed that Marvel's Avengers would be adding several new heroes in its send-off, including Captain Marvel, Shuri, Ironheart, and She-Hulk. Maybe we can see them turned into birds – maybe every Avenger.

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