Hearthstone Gets March Of The Lich King Expansion December 6

A few months after Wrath of the Lich King arrived in WoW Classic, Hearthstone will get its own dose of death with March of the Lich King on December 6. The coming expansion brings 145 new cards, a new minion typing, and the new Death Knight hero class.

We'll start with the Death Knight, which will be introduced in December with a brief prologue that tells the sad story of Arthas from Warcraft 3. After succumbing to Frostmourne and betraying everyone he loved, Arthas went on to become a loyal Death Knight of the Lich King, vowing to end all life in his unholy name.

To do that, the Death Knight gets 68 new class cards including 32 free Core Set cards (the rest you'll have to collect from the Path of Arthas set, which you can read about in the Death Knight deep dive here). The Death Knight's hero ability, Ghoul Charge, lets you summon a 1/1 Ghoul with Charge for two mana which dies at the end of the turn. The fact that Ghoul only lasts a turn is fine because the Death Knight can use Corpses as a resource, which are generated whenever a friendly minion dies.

But Death Knights aren't entirely about Ghouls and corpses. Death Knights can specialize their decks in three ways. The Rune of Blood adds cards that manipulate health and offer the biggest, tankiest minions. The Rune of Frost specializes in direct damage ice spells with lots of card draw and card synergy. Finally, the Unholy Rune loves to summon loads of undead minions to overwhelm opponents.

Speaking of Undead, that's becoming an official new Minion type, with "hundreds" of existing minions being updated with the new Undead typing.

There are, of course, loads of other new cards coming in March of the Lich King, including Hearthstone's first neutral spell, The Sunwell. Blood Elves that thirst for Sunwell energy will enjoy the new Manathirst keyword that will trigger effects on cards when you have enough mana crystals. And the new event system revamp provides a dedicated spot in Hearthstone's UI to tell players about the active event.

Speaking of events, Knights of the Hallow's End has returned to Hearthstone bringing all the Knights of the Frozen Throne cards back into Standard until the release of March of the Lich King, which arrives on December 6.

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