Here's The First Vertigo 2 Gameplay In Over A Year

Zulubo Productions just released the first new Vertigo 2 gameplay, in well over a year.

Zach Tsiakalis-Brown debuted just over two minutes of gameplay on Twitter this week, in which he confirmed the title is being delayed to 2021. The gameplay shows the player fending off some typically weird aliens (which remind us a little of Half-Life’s Houndeyes) with a bunch of different weapons, some of which will be familiar to anyone that played last year’s demo.

New Vertigo 2 Gameplay Revealed

Overall it’s looking like it’s in good shape. The weapons look solid and the ones we’ve already tried felt great in our hands.

Vertigo 2’s slip to 2021 isn’t surprising given that Zulubo spent much of 2020 working on the enjoyable remake of the first game in Vertigo Remastered. We thought the remake had a bunch of amazing features, though still felt like a 2016 VR game at its core. Fingers crossed Vertigo 2 takes the series to a new level. What we played of the demo last year certainly suggested that might be the case.

That also makes the game one of the more promising titles on the horizon for 2021. It’s currently in the works for PC VR with no word on possible Quest or PSVR versions (though Vertigo Remastered hasn’t arrived on either platform, either). Are you still looking forward to Vertigo 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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