Hideo Kojima Announces New Podcast Brain Fracture

Hideo Kojima has revealed that he's releasing a new podcast called Brain Fracture in an exclusive deal with Spotify. While Kojima doesn't specify what the podcast will actually be about, Brain Fracture will drop on September 8 with weekly episodes in both English and Japanese. Kojima also announces that the podcast will feature "very special guests from various fields," and that Geoff Keighley himself will have regular segments for entertainment news. Not what we expected, but at least Kojima fans have something to look forward to before any games.

Kojima's podcast reveal wasn't confirmed for Gamescom, but it was heavily implied that Kojima would be appearing during the show due to him tweeting a couple of pictures of his editing software with the caption "Tentatively finished editing for now." While most of us would probably have expected a game announcement of some kind, we safely ruled out Death Stranding 2 due to Sony announcing that it wouldn't be appearing this year.

Overdose was also leaked earlier this year via reputable industry insider Tom Henderson, who claimed that Kojima Productions is working on a new horror game starring Death Stranding actress Margaret Qualley. The studio also allegedly asked Henderson to remove his article detailing the leak, further adding to its credibility. Hideo Kojima himself also recently announced that he is working on an exclusive title for Xbox, although it is unknown whether the two are related or not.

While Overdose won't be here for a while, another Hideo Kojima masterpiece was recently made available to a lot more PC players. Death Stranding was added to PC Game Pass today, after being teased multiple days prior to the announcement via the service's official Twitter account. For those wondering how this came to be since Sony owns the IP, the game was published on PC by 505 Games, meaning Sony itself had no involvement in the deal whatsoever.

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