High On Life Will Let You Watch "Z-Grade" Feature Length Movies And Interdimensional Cable-Esque Shorts

High On Life's in-game TV includes four "z-grade" feature-length movies and 20 animated shorts that resemble Rick and Morty's interdimensional cable episodes.

After making an appearance during Gamescom Opening Night Live, more details on High On Life are coming out thanks to hands-on previews and interviews. One interesting reveal is that there'll be plenty to do outside of shooting, as the in-game TV is loaded with optional content for the player to sit and watch.

As reported by IGN, High On Life features an in-game TV that has four feature-length movies that'll change as you progress through the game, alongside 20 animated shorts from "Justin Roiland and friends". Some of the animated shorts seem to have been revealed already, including a very strange one about dating and another about a pizza place.

Executive producer Matty Studivan said, "So we've done a pretty weird thing. We have a TV in the living room in the game, and you can sit down and watch it. You know, Justin has been wanting to get back to Interdimensional Cable, which is a very popular Rick & Morty thing, so we're trying to sort of emulate that, and we've made a bunch of animated shorts".

Studivan then revealed that the TV has more than just animated shorts, and actually has feature-length movies too, "On top of that, we've also licensed four feature-length movies, that you can watch in the game. (Justin is) a big fan of Red Letter Media, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. He's just a huge fan of that stuff, and he watches a lot of those movies, so he's like 'Why couldn't we do something similar in the game?' Nobody's done it, so we were like, 'Let's figure out how to license some movies!'"

One of the four feature-length films is called Tammy and the T-Rex, a sci-fi comedy from 1994 that starred Paul Walker and Denise Richards. According to Studivan, the film will change as you progress throughout the game, and will also be accompanied by a "little Elvira intro character" that will speak about the film before and after it cuts to commercial.

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