"Higher End" Oculus Headset Codenamed Cambria Revealed

After months of speculation of a Pro model, a new Oculus headset codenamed Project Cambria has been revealed at Facebook Connect.

The Cambria is not the Oculus Quest 3. Mark Zuckerberg described it as on “the higher end of the price spectrum” with new features, but will not be replacing the $299 Quest 2.

As hinted by Mark Zuckerberg and firmware findings earlier this year, Cambria includes eye tracking, face tracking and high resolution color passthrough. It uses pancake lenses to achieve a smaller form factor than previous Oculus headsets.

The reveal comes after months of speculation, rumors and leaks about a device that’s been commonly referred to as Oculus Quest Pro. Facebook executives confirmed its existence earlier in the year and this week we saw leaked tutorial videos that seemed to confirm the device was nearing reveal.

Quest 2 itself is now a year old and, although Facebook hasn’t revealed official sales figures, it’s thought to have been incredibly successful compared to other VR headset sales and has outsold all other Oculus headsets combined. Many developers have reported huge software sales on the platform and a recent recall document suggested that Facebook could have sold in the region of four million headsets in the US and Canada thus far.

More information will be shared next year and Facebook is now working with developers on applications.

Cambria is the latest in a string of VR headset reveals in October. Earlier this month we got our first look at the HTC Vive Flow, a standalone VR device that’s significantly less powerful but also much smaller and simpler to wear and connects to a phone as a means of input and content consumption. Niche PC VR headset makers like Varjo and Pimax, meanwhile, have announced impressive high-spec devices that cost thousands of dollars. The Varjo Aero is shipping out soon (and we reviewed it right here) and the new Pimax Reality Series launches towards the end of next year. We’re also expecting to see the reveal and launch of Sony’s PS5 VR headset sometime in 2022.

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