Hilarious Video Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Streamer Playing The Game With DK Bongos

A streamer tweaked a set of Donkey Konga bongos and used them to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and the results were as hilarious as you’d think.

Developers go into painstaking detail when designing its controllers, and rightly so. Nintendo changes and innovates its controller layout in major ways with each passing console, Xbox still isn’t really sure of itself, and PlayStation pretty much nailed its design right off the bat and has stuck to it.

Players always have a lot to say about controller design, and chances are every gamer reading this will have their own personal favorites. Those favorites might change depending on the game being played. What we haven’t mentioned up until this point are novelty controllers — controllers designed specifically for a single game or series.

The most famous of these are instruments created to play games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero. However, some more talented gamers have used those controllers to play other titles, such as a guitar on Halo 3. What we hadn’t really seen up until today was GameCube’s Donkey Konga bongos being used to play other games, but one inventive streamer has brought them back into the mix. Super Louis 64 has done the impossible and adapted the bongos to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Anyone who has used DK‘s bongos will know there aren’t many buttons. Louis has to use the left bongo to move back and forth, the right bongo to turn left and right, and the start button between the two to shoot. The best part of all, however, is the use of the bongos’ sound sensor. When Louis claps, his player will throw a grenade. As for reloading, ADS, and sprinting, well, there are no buttons left to make use of, so he can’t do any of that.

Louis is even brave enough to venture online using his bongos and gets a kill almost right away in the video above. Although he struggles at first, for obvious reasons, he actually fairs pretty well, notching up a few kills and even placing on the winning team in one match. We hope he messaged any players he killed to let them know they met their fate at the hands of someone firing a gun with a set of bongo drums.

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