Hitman 3: How To Complete All Redacted Challenges In Dartmoor

If you just wrapped up Dubai in Hitman 3, you might be thinking to yourself, “Hey, there was only one redacted challenge on that map, maybe IO Interactive is moving away from redacted challenges!” Then you’ll get to Dartmoor and find a whopping eight redacted challenges are lying in wait.

That’s OK, take a few deep breaths. None of them are as complicated as the one in Dubai and this guide will go into the details of each one. Some tips and tricks for the ones that aren’t straightforward will also be explored, saving you hours of time searching and starting over from the beginning.

Recommended Starting Location

Unless otherwise specified, you will certainly want to start the game as the detective. The detective has access to everywhere except for the top floor initially and, after talking to the butler, you’ll gain access to the top as well. It will save you from all that sneaking around you’ll have to do.

Any lockpick will usually come in handy as well for a more discreet opening of locked doors.

Poison Ivy And Another Death In The Family

To get the “Another Death In The Family” challenge you actually have to also get the “Poison Ivy” challenge. So let’s kill two birds with one stone.

For the first challenge, a poison must be made on the device in the greenhouse. It’s highly recommended that you do not make the poison because an NPC will come along and make it. Once done, the poison can be used against your primary target. However, for the NPC to make the poison, the device needs to be repaired first.

Grab the wrench that rests on a fountain in the garden. This will be what you fix the device with.

The greenhouse is right next to this fountain, but you don’t have a key. Simply pick the lock after the guard has patrolled away. You are allowed in the greenhouse, so don’t worry about trespassing after you’ve got the door opened.

Repair the distillation kit with the wrench. After this, all you have to do is wait. Emma Carlisle will enter, make a poison for the first challenge, then she will kill Alexa with this poison, and that will complete the second challenge!

There are boat keys in here as well for you to grab in case you need that challenge or would like another exit option.

Dogs Secrets

This redacted challenge is tied to two other non-redacted challenges. “Discovering Dartmoor” and “D’ya Like Dags” will both be assisted with the “Dogs Secrets” challenge. From your starting location head to the opposite end of the house and find Emma and Gregory’s room. Pick the lock when no one is watching and grab the walking cane to the right of the door when no one is watching (both are illegal actions).

The walking cane is not illegal once you’re holding it, just to pick up, so don’t stress about roaming the manor. After this point, you’ll be searching a hidden room to enter with the cane.

It’s in an unnamed location down the hall from Emma and Gregory’s room. Make sure to enter the room to get credit. This will give you credit for the redacted challenge.

If you have other undiscovered locations in Dartmoor, odds are good that this cane is connected to them. Look for thick grey areas on the map and find a place to use the cane around these locations.

Solving The Case

The other five challenges can be taken care of during the same playthrough, but you’ll have to reload the same save file twice. Let’s get everything in order for you to solve the case in three different ways.

Investigate Zachary’s Room

  • Use the camera to scan Zachary’s body in the bed.
  • Use the camera to scan the whiskey glass next to the bed.
  • Use the laptop to lookup Zachary’s search history.
  • Read Zachary’s suicide note.
  • Pull the book to reveal a secret room.
  • Pick up Mansion Floor Plan inside the secret room.

Investigate Emma And Gregory’s Room

  • Pick up the walking cane (the same one as before, keep it on you).
  • Pick up the letter from Emma’s mother under a book on top of the bedstand.
  • Pick up the greenhouse keychain in between the suitcases.
  • Use the camera to scan the high heels next to the dresser.

Investigate Mr. Fernsby’s Office

Check out the butler’s room down on the first floor. It’s through the staff room and clearly labeled on the map. Inside, you’ll find two clues.

  • Pick up the lethal poison pills by the window.
  • Save the half-burned diary from the fire.

There is also a list on the desk that you do not need. It exonerates Mr. Fernsby and you will need to implicate him for the challenges.

Investigate The Greenhouse And Outside

  • Approach the distillation kit.
  • Use your phone to scan the book next to the kit.
  • Scan the muddy footprints on the floor outside of the house.

The footprints will be marked by a camera symbol on your map, they’re on the same side as the greenhouse.

Pick Up The Abandoned Letter

  • Pick Up Montgomery’s Letter in the secret room.

This is the same room you got into using the cane for the “Dogs Secrets” challenge.

Talk To Emma Carlisle

You’ll find Emma pacing around the sitting room on the ground floor, occasionally speaking with Gregory. Talk to her three times and you’ll finally be done gathering evidence.

Tell Mr. Fernsby You’re Ready And Save

After gathering all of this evidence, talk to Mr. Fernsby twice. Follow him to meet Alexa Carlisle.

You’ll be able to implicate three different persons for Zachary’s death and each one is attached to one or more challenges. Make absolutely sure to save at this moment so that you can reload and accuse a different perpetrator every time.

A Matter Of Loyalty And I Find This Amoosing

First, accuse Mr. Fernsby. Doing this will give you the first challenge completed.

She’ll ask for some privacy, but instead of leaving the room, head up the stairs in this area. She’ll walk out to the balcony, then come back and walk directly under the antlered chandelier. So long as your pistol is silenced, you can easily shoot it and drop it on her head with no fear of repercussions.

A Matter Of Justice And A Private Moment

Reload the previous save. Instead of accusing Mr. Fernsby, accuse Emma Carlisle, the actual killer, and you’ll get the first challenge knocked out.

After the conversation, Alexa will pace around a bit, but eventually, she will go into Zachary’s room and talk with his body. At this moment, snap a picture of the two of them together and you’ll get the second challenge done.

A Matter Of Guilt

One last time, reload the save and accuse Zachary of committing suicide. You can start to find an exit after this discussion is over and the challenge is marked as finished. Your target will…take care of itself.

Congratulations on completing all the redacted challenges in Dartmoor!

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