How Katrina Can Change Your Day In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Harv's island offers homes to a wealth of well known characters from the Animal Crossing series. One of which is Katrina the puma, who has been in every single game as a mystical fortune teller.

Once her trailer has been unlocked with 100,000 Bells, players can visit her to see what their day will hold. She offers a lot more than just a quick glance in a crystal ball these days though.

7 Katrina's Daily Luck Discovery

Every day, for 1,000 Bells, Katrina can look to your future and discover how you will fare in one of four categories. The category chosen is random, so don't try to ask for your luck in regards to something else too. The areas of your gameplay are as follows:

  • Friendship
  • Belongings
  • Health
  • Money

Katrina will tell a short tale of what is to come, and add that your luck has improved or diminished. The day after a bad luck day will always be good luck, and after that the player has a 70 percent chance to have another good luck day.

Your fate won't be sealed until you have paid Katrina a visit (and some coin) so it's worth flying over before doing any of your daily tasks.

Here's how your fortune will affect your day.

6 Katrina's Friendship Predictions

This is one of the categories to pay attention to if you love forming a connection with your villagers, collecting photos (that are only given when you're best friends), or just getting gifts.

Improved Luck

  • +1 Friendship Point with any villager you have spoken to before
  • Better chance of receiving gifts from villagers for the day

Diminished Luck

  • -3 Friendship Points with a random villager

5 Katrina's Belongings Predictions

Throughout your playthrough you will come across a lot of items, whether in balloon presents, gifts or merchandise in shops. Belongings luck affects the rarity and frequency with which goodies will fall into your lap.

Improved Luck

  • More likely to receive gifts from neighbors
  • More likely to be offered an item trade or sale from neighbors
  • Tool durability isn't affected regardless of use (no broken tools)
  • More shells will wash up on the beach
  • Rarer items for sale
  • If you're taken to a regular Kapp'n island it will always be the Vine and Glowing Moss island

Diminished Luck

  • Tools will break much more quickly
  • Dodo island tours will never take you to a Gold Nugget island
  • Fewer shells on the beach
  • Less likely to receive gifts from neighbors
  • Less likely to be offered trades from neighbors
  • Less rare items for sale
  • Kapp'n's gyroid fragment island will only produce clay to dig up

4 Katrina's Health Predictions

Good luck in your health means a good day to use those noodle arms and rearrange your entire island! It's time to plant an orchard and create that zen rock garden you always wanted.

Improved Luck

  • Double food power from eating foods (up to 10 max)

Diminished Luck

  • Half the power from eating foods
  • More likely to trip over when running (same mechanic as the King Tut Mask)

3 Katrina's Money Predictions

This is the category most players are interested in. Many aspects of the game are affected by this fortune. Make sure to check in with Katrina before hitting rocks or shaking trees or else you might be missing out on a huge payout.

Improved Luck

  • Glowing money spots can be dug up for 5000 Bells (as opposed to the usual 1000 Bells)
  • The daily money rock will spit out more than double the usual amount of Bells
  • Balloon presents carry three times more money
  • Shaken trees drop 300 Bells
  • Rocks have an 11% percent chance to spit out Gold Nuggets (usually one percent)

Diminished Luck

  • Less money dug up from the glowing spot
  • Less money from daily money rocks
  • No Gold Nuggets from rocks
  • No rare Gold Nugget Dodo mystery islands
  • Less chance of money from balloon presents

2 How To Remove Katrina's Bad Luck

If you've flown all the way to Harv's and paid 1000 Bells for a terrible fortune Katrina will offer you a way out. For a further 10,000 Bells she will pray to purify you, removing all luck for that day.

You won't be able to ask for another fortune, and your fate is in your own hands. There is an upside to this transaction though, as the next day you will receive a letter from the all-seeing cat along with one of four completely unique items. These will be received in a random order and represent fortunes of good luck from cultures around the world.

  • Mini Dharma is based on the Daruma dolls from Buddhism. One eye is filled to set a goal or task, and the other eye is filled when the task has been completed.
  • Lucky Horseshoe door ornament is an Irish custom originally, and must be hung up as a U shape to keep the luck in.
  • Golden Turtle Figurine is a Japanese symbol of money luck and good health.
  • Power Stone looks similar to a crystal ball and may draw power to the holder. The item is also interactive, and the ball will change colors.

None of these items are available for customization, but will improve your HHA score on a sunday.

1 Discussing Friendships With Katrina

The second immediate option available is to discuss friendships with Katrina. You may choose a villager on your island to learn how they feel about you, which correlates to how many Friendship Points you have with them.

If you've barely spoken to a new neighbor you can expect to have zero to one points. If you've talked multiple times or done a job for them then two or three points is normal. Once you've lived together for a while and maybe discussed nicknames or traded items you will have four or five points. Being best friends with an islander means there's a possibility of being mailed a photo of them in a customizable frame. This would require regular chats, returning items to them, and bringing them medicine like a good friend. This is the maximum friendship level.

If you are best friends with the chosen villager then Katrina won't offer any further services, your friendship is as good as it gets. But if she offers to bless you for 10,000 Bells she can increase your Friendship Points by two! This can easily jump you up a whole bracket of friendship with a villager. This is definitely worth it if you're collecting photographs, or have just become really attached to your virtual pals.

So you can see that starting the day staring into a crystal ball might be a lot more productive than a cup of joe with Brewster.

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