How Long Does It Take To Complete The Halo Infinite Campaign?

Halo Infinite’s campaign isn’t the Ubisoft-esque open world juggernaut many will be expecting, which to be honest is a bit of a relief when it comes to telling a meaningful story and making sure Master Chief doesn’t outstay his welcome on Zeta Halo.

We’ve bested the Halo Campaign across Xbox and PC and can now tell you exactly how long the first-person shooter takes to conquer, whether you want to speed through the main narrative or spend time unearthing all manner of hidden collectibles and conquering enemy bases. Your mileage will change depending how you play.

How Long Is The Halo Infinite Campaign?

You can finish the Halo Infinite campaign in 10 hours. This time is dependent on how much time you spend exploring the open world and which difficulty setting you happen to be playing on, since the likes of Heroic and Legendary will result in longer firefights and the need to seek out additional upgrades and items to stand a fighting chance against The Banished.

Our review playthrough was conducted on Normal, and we saw a decent amount of the open world activities throughout the campaign such as forward operating bases and enemy outposts which can add a decent chunk onto the overall runtime. Once the final cutscene has played out, Master Chief will be returned to Zeta Halo so you will be free to hunt down any remaining missions or collectibles – all of which will take closer to 15 or so hours.

Halo Infinite understands restraint, and thus every little thing across the open world has its place and is worth seeking out, building Master Chief's arsenal and providing plenty of chances to uncover audio logs and hunt down special bounties who reward you with extra powerful weapons. The campaign is a blast, and is well worth savouring.

While it is shorter than other games in the open world space, Halo Infinite is a decent bit longer than its predecessors, largely thanks to optional activities being available instead of a mostly linear campaign being the main focus. I'd advise taking your time, since the greater story beats and bigger stories are well worth savouring.

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