How To Beat Magma Almudron In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak is finally here, and brings with many new and frightening monsters to fight as you try to attain the new Master Rank. Among these new monsters is the Magma Almudron, which is a fire-based variant of the Almudron which makes an appearance in the base game.

The Magma Almudron is a 7-star level threat, and is usually found in the Lava Caverns and Flooded Forest areas. It can make short work of anyone not equipped with the correct knowledge and gear to defeat this Wyvern. These tips should prove helpful to anyone wanting to farm this monster for exotic gear, or anyone just wanting to get through this fight.

Magma Almudron – Strengths And Weaknesses

This fire-based monster is a long dragon with multiple legs and a giant tail, although its weakest part of the body is easily its head. That said, its tail can be detached if enough damage is dealt to it – so focusing your attacks on that spot could also prove to be a viable strategy.

An important point worth noting here is that the monster’s body parts have two states, the first being the normal one and the other being a heated state which occurs when the monster is in rage. You can also try to hit its legs during its heated state, since its body is more susceptible to damage at that time. In their unheated state, these body parts are resistant to damage – so be sure to take that into consideration before directing your attacks.

As for its weaknesses, the Magma Almudron is extremely weak to Water and Ice type weapons. But players can also opt to use weapons with Thunder and Dragon elements, which are the monster’s minor weaknesses. Since the Wyvern resides in lava itself, it’s obviously resistant to fire.

  • Weak Points – Head, Tail
  • Resistant Points – Hind Legs (unheated)
  • Elemental/Ailment Weakness – Ice, Water, Thunder
  • Elemental/Ailment Resistance – Fire
  • Best Weapon Damage – Bludgeoning Damage

Best Equipment To Fight Magma Almudron

The Magma Almudron is a nimble beast, but it can be stunned provided you deal enough damage. As such, try to prioritize the use of blunt weapons such as hammers, lances, or greatswords. That said, you can also use sharp blades against the monster, but that will only be effective when its skin is in the heated state. The weapons should ideally be infused with elemental damage such as ice or water to have maximum effectiveness against this monster. You could opt for something like the Cataclysm Blade, or even the Almudron Lance which can be forged from the remains of Magma Almudron’s swampy little brother found in the main game.

Coming to the recommended armor, it's important that you choose an armor that provides good resistance against fire damage. A great choice could be the Rathian armor set, which increases resistance against fire and reduces elemental blight duration by a significant margin. That said, you are free to choose any other armor sets that satisfy these requirements.

Recommended Weapons and Armor

  • Weapons – Almudron Lance, Cataclysm Blade
  • Armor – Rathian Armor

Magma Almudron – Fight Breakdown And Moves

The Magma Almudron has a wide variety of moves at its disposal, and since many have similar-looking animations – it's best that you understand them and plan your attacks accordingly to survive this fight. Most of these attacks will entail slamming its heavy tail towards you in some form or the other, and if you want to sever its tail from the body – it's essential that you direct all aggression toward this body part.

The monster can do anything from a simple swipe of the tail at you to a charge attack with its tail to ground slams. If the monster is in its heated state, the attacks will always leave trails or pools of lava in their wake – and it's vital that you steer clear of these areas to avoid damage.

Additionally, the Magma Almudron can also dig through the ground and summon three streams of lava, or summon three magma boulders that will explode after a short while. You need to be cautious of your positioning since it's easy to get surrounded by these boulders while focusing on the fight. The monster can also burrow down into the ground and follow up with a tail slam, which will result in a small explosion followed by a bigger explosion. The best course of defense against these attacks is to evade away or use the Wirebug to get out of harm’s way.

This Wyvern might be large, but that doesn’t mean it's slow by any stretch. The Magma Almudron doesn’t give a lot of breaks between its hard-hitting combos, so you will need to be on full alert at all times to not be caught off-guard by its attacks. The most effective strategy here is to direct aggression towards its weak spots and back off when it starts to heat up and summon pools of dangerous lava.

Magma Almudron – Drops And Materials

Paying attention to the monster’s many moves and steadily dealing damage to its weak parts should hopefully make short work of this Wyvern. Once that’s done, it will drop the following materials.

  • Magmadron Shard
  • Magmadron Cortex
  • Large Magmadron Fin
  • Magmadron Hardwhisker
  • Magmadron Tail
  • Inferno Lava Mud
  • Magmadron Mantle
  • Magmadron Hardclaw

Keep in mind some of these materials will only drop if certain body parts are severed during the fight. Farming this boss will allow you to craft some really exotic and unique gear, including but not limited to the Magmadron Armor Set.

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