How To Catch Alomomola And More In Pokemon Go For The Valentine’s Collection Event

The Valentine’s Collection Event is well underway in Pokemon Go, and you’ll have to forgive me, I’m only catching up with it today after spending yesterday with my partner. I know, disgusting, unforgivable, but sometimes that’s how life works out. The Valentine’s Collection Event might be one of the tougher collection events we’ve seen recently, partially down to the fact that we need to prepare and catch raid Pokemon, in additon to a couple of legendaries – that’s just to stand a chance at completing the event. Easy if you have a gang of Go-playing friends, difficult if you’re Go-ing solo.

This collection event has five Pokemon that I would say could pose some mild difficulty if you intend to catch them, but follow this guide and it’ll all work out in the end. Just scroll down below for everything you need to know about finishing Pokemon Go’s Valentine’s Collection Event.

Catching Umbreon And Espeon

Umbreon and Espeon are necessary for this event, and while you could evolve Eevee, you might not have enough Pokemon or candy necessary for that. Troubling. Luckily you will be able to get both of these Pokemon from three-star raids. Conveniently Niantic has seen it fit to bestow upon us three free remote raid passes, so you can even partake in these raids from a distance, at no extra charge. And what’s better, a three-star raid is absolutely surmountable for a single Pokemon Go player, as long as you have a decent team ready to take on the challenge.

Catching Latios And Latias

Now, this pair is a lot like Umbreon and Espeon, while posing an even bigger threat. To be blunt, your chance of being able to take down Latias or Latios solo are very, very slim, and yes, you can only find them in raids, but these raids and five-star and will not go very easily at all. Hopefully you’ll be able to talk with friends or join a local Pokemon Go group to take on these beasts, but even with your extra remote raid passes this can be a very tough challenge indeed.

Catching Alomomola

Alomomola is one of the most interesting Pokemon to be caught during this Valentine’s Day Collection Event – probably because this Pokemon is seldom seen within the game, like, ever. If you want to catch Alomomola, you probably won’t be surprised when I tell you, you might need to take on some raids.

Yes, Alomomola will be available exclusively during the event and will be found in three-star raids, meaning you might be able to take it on by yourself, if you’ve got a Pokemon team that is ready for it. Alomomola is a rare Pokemon and definitely the highlight of this particular collection event, so make sure to try and get this Pokemon early, and if you see a raid, make sure to take it on, even if you’re solo.

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