How To Get And Redeem Face Codes In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

If you’re a Mass Effect veteran then you will not have forgotten about your original Shepard. We all remember our own Shepard, and starting a brand new game without them can be an upsetting and emotional time for any experienced Spectre. But luckily Mass Effect Legendary Edition is here to help, and you can import your original Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 2 or 3.

In this guide we’re breaking down everything you need to know about Face Codes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and how they will help you carry over your original Shepard design from all those years ago. That is, if you still have access to those save games.

Though it is true that Mass Effect Legendary Edition has changed many of Shepard creation options, and this means that you classic Shepard might look a fair bit different in the new revitalisation of the series.

How To Find Your Mass Effect 2 And 3 Face Code

This will be the trickiest part, as if you no longer have your save games for Mass Effect 2 or 3, you might be unable to access your original Face Code. If you have played Mass Effect 2 and 3 on Xbox then you might get lucky and find your save file in the Cloud Storage, or on PC you might have them in your Steam library. If you played on an older system you’ll need to find that system and boot up your game, hoping your save is still intact.

Once you have your original save file open, go to the Squad menu, and you’ll be able to find your Face Code in the to left corner. Nice and easy. Things are far less simple for the original Mass Effect, which will require you to bring that character forward into Mass Effect 2 before you get a usable Face Code to recreate your Shepard.

If you cannot find a Face Code for your original Shepard you can either look online for a Face Code creation tool, or you’ll have to recreate your Shepard from scratch.

How To Enter Face Codes In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

As you first begin Mass Effect Legendary Edition you’ll be taken to a character creator, of course. Right at the bottom of the Facial Customization screen you’ll have a Code option, and this option is where you’ll enter your Face Code.

Now be aware, the Face Code is long. Like, really long. If you have a keyboard typing it in shouldn’t be a problem, but if you’re on console you’ll want to use a keyboard app, or you will be stuck entering a very long code in a very awkward fashion.

Once the code has been entered and is complete, your original Shepard should be in front of you. Hopefully they’ll be everything that you remember, and haven’t changed too much in this new remaster.

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