How To Get Double Jump In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order allows players to fulfill their Jedi fantasies by playing as Cal Kestis, a Jedi whose connection with the Force has been shattered due to his traumatic past. Throughout the game, Cal will relive his training during the Clone Wars with his former master, Jaro Tapal.

In these flashbacks, players will learn Jedi abilities with Cal, such as wall-running, Force Push and Pull, and Force Slow. One of the more helpful powers in the game is the Double Jump. However, this cannot be unlocked until further in the game, and gamers will have to be patient before getting this crucial ability.

Return To Kashyyyk And Head To Overgrown Pass

After escaping Ordo Eris, the trio will get an encrypted message from Mari on Kashyyyk telling them Chieftain Tarfful would like to meet Cal. Return to the Wookie homeworld, one of many planets players can travel to in the game, and head to the Overgrown Pass area.

Luckily, there are plenty of shortcuts available from the first visit to Kashyyyk, so players don’t have to go through the Imperial Refinery again. Once at the Overgrown Pass, walk on the tree stump, Force Pull the bridge and defeat the Mykal. Rest at the Meditation Point and head toward Kyyyalastaad Falls by using the vines to swing across the gap.

Fight Through Kyyyalastaad Falls

Several Stormtroopers will greet players in this area. Defeat them and slide down to face another Stormtrooper and a Purge Trooper. Once they are dealt with, players can start making their way to Kyyyalastaad Basin. Note: there is a shortcut back to the Imperial Refinery in this area.

To get to the Basin, players need to fight a small area of Stormtroopers, Rocket Troopers, and hostile Kashyyyk wildlife. Luckily, the troopers and animals will be fighting each other, so players can choose to rush through this section. Take the zipline at the end of the area down to the Basin.

Find Tarfful At Origin Lake

Tarfful will be waiting for players at the top of Origin Lake. To get there, navigate through Kyyyalastaad Basin and Gloomroot Hollow. Players should be ready for dangerous Jaw Plants, slugs, spiders, and Stormtroopers.

It’s a straightforward shot to Origin Lake, so gamers should find their way easily. When they reach their destination, plunge into the lake, and continue on the path to reach higher ground. Jump on the Lung Flower and Force Pull a vine to swing to a platform where Tarfful is waiting.

Go Through The Shadowlands And Deserted Village

Tarfful will give Cal the Breather, which will allow players to swim underwater. With the new upgrade, jump back into the lake and dive to find a cave passage into the Shadowlands. More killer plants and animals will be waiting to attack Cal.

There is also a lot of wall climbing and vine-swinging in this area as players need to get higher to reach the Origin Tree. More Stormtroopers will appear as players make their way through these areas with the most powerful unit, the Electrohammer Purge Trooper, saved for the end of this section.

Survive The Ninth Sister Encounter

Once the troopers are dealt with, head up the incline to a destroyed hut where a cutscene with the Ninth Sister will start. She will mock Cal and destroy the floor underneath him into a sliding sequence.

While this part is mostly sliding downhill, it will be broken up by wall climbing, wall running, and Lung Flower sections, all while the Ninth Sister tries to shoot down Cal. The sliding sequence will end when a Shyyyo bird crashes into the Ninth Sister’s ship, saving Cal. Once they’ve reached this point, players will know they are close to unlocking Double Jump.

Arriving At The Origin Tree

After the Ninth Sister encounter, players will be in the middle of a lake. Dive and swim through an underwater entranceway. Swim to the surface to finally reach the Origin Tree. More deadly creatures will be here. Defeat them and use Lun Plants and wall running to get higher.

More slugs and flies will be in this area. Kill or ignore them and climb higher to reach an area where the Shyyyo bird will reappear. It will lead the player to an area with several Lung Plants. Jump on them to trigger another memory sequence.

Complete The Flashback

The flashback sequence is straightforward as Jaro wants Cal to reach his platform using the Double Jump to get to other platforms. Double-tap the jump button to use Double Jump.

Once the memory is over, players will be teleported back to Kashyyyk to progress with the mission.

Where To Use The Double Jump

The Double Jump is mainly used for platforming and rarely used during combat. The only times Double Jump can be used during combat is when the player is running away to a higher platform or to double jump into a Force Repulse. While the abilities’ combat opportunities are limited, its main purpose is for exploration.

With the Double Jump, players now have access to the top of the Origin Tree, the Nightmare ruins and the Tomb of Kujet on Dathomir, the Venator on Zeffo, and more.

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