How To Get Dusk Stones In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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Pokemon: Legends Arceus pushed the Pokemon franchise out of its comfort zone like never before, and fans have been, for the most part, loving it! There's no doubt that this game is going to go down in Pokemon history.

Though Pokemon: Legends Arceus introduced a lot of new mechanics, there were still the familiar parts that we all know and love. One of these familiar mechanics is the Evolution Stones, which help you change your Pokemon into a stronger form. In this article, we detail how to find a particularly rare Evolution Stone: the Dusk Stone.

Possible Ways To Obtain A Dusk Stone

Purchasing It With Merit Points

The most-straightforward way to get a Dusk Stone is by purchasing it from the Trading Post. The stock here never changes and is always available, so you can purchase a Dusk Stone for 1,200 Merit Points at any time. These Merit Points are a special currency, aquired by finding Lost Satchels around Hisui and returning them to their owners.

For more information about the Trading Post, Merit Points, and Lost Satchels, check out our detailed guide.

Purchasing It From Ginter

Ginter is the sitting Ginkgo Guild Merchant who offers three items at a time. His stock changes regularly, so almost every time you return to him he'll be offering something else. Occasionally, he'll sell a Dusk Stone for 5,000 Pokedollars!

Now, Ginter doesn't know the specific names of the things he's peddling, so when you talk to them they're listed under unusual made-up names. If he's selling a Dusk Stone, he'll be calling it a 'Deep-Dark Rock.'

Hitting Ore Deposits

There's a small-but-present chance that, when you hit an ore deposit in the open world, you'll also be rewarded with a Dusk Stone! It's not a very reliable method to farm these stones, but if you're doing something else and know in the back of your mind that you need a Dusk Stone, don't just led Wyrdeer run past these deposits!

Receiving It As A Quest Reward

Towards the beginning of the game, a little girl named Vessa will give you a special side quest. She asks that you collect all the little purple wisps floating around Hisui.

If you interact with her periodically, she'll give you rewards based on the number of wisps that you've caught. Once you've found 30 wisps, she'll provide a Dusk Stone for you.

For more information (and wisp locations), check out our in-depth guide.

Picking It Up In Time-Distortions

From time to time, Dusk Stones will appear on the ground in a time-distortion, like many other items. Unfortunately, this is a pretty rare occurrence. It's nice when you get lucky but if you're looking for the Dusk Stone ASAP it's not effective to farm time-distortions.

For more info about time-distortions, check out our full guide.

Which Pokemon Evolve With A Dusk Stone?

Using a Dusk Stone, you can evolve…

  • Murkrow into Honchkrow
  • Misdreavus into Mismagius

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